My Birthday Recap

My birthday was wonderful!!!! 

The day started out with me sleeping in till 7:30AM. WOO HOO! 

Then my mom babysat for the kids for 2 hours so my hubby and I could go to a spin class together. 

I loved every second and my husband was very surprised at how difficuilt it was but he liked it too! He rides an "actual" bike so it wasn't totally foreign to him.

Then we spent most of the day just lazing around and playing with the kids. After nap time we went to an early dinner at one of our favorite steak houses. We sat in the bar so the kids could be wild ans not disturb anyone. They were very well behaved! 

However, I had the worst diet today I have had in weeks. I ate about 4 skinny cows for lunch. Then at dinner at ate fried oysters and fried shrimp PLUS a baked potato AND a slice of pie!!!! 

OMG...........That was painful just typing. 
Thank God yesterday I did one hour of cadio and a one mile swim!!! 

MY GIFTS!!!!!! 

Gorgeous new sun hat from my mama along with new makeup!!!! 

New iPod

10 pound medicine ball!

yoga ball for ab work!!!

A new pair of black CEP compression socks!!! WHOOT!

Hal Higdon's Ultimate Marathon Guide!!!!!! YES!!!!! I already have about 5 marathon books but this one is a MUST HAVE!!!! 

AND 2 years of Runner's world!!!!!!!!!!! 

Is it safe to say I am completely and totally obsessed with running??? 


I'd say I  made out pretty darn good and thank you all so much for the birthday wishes. I must admit I do miss facebook when it comes to birthdays:) 

Just curious......have any of you done a triathlon before????

I am VERY interested in doing one as soon as I run my marathon on October. Let me know your thoughts! I've been LOVING the spinning and swimming so I figure I might as well go for it!!! 

By the way of I don't start running soon I am seriously going to loose my mind!!!!!! 

I will NEVER, EVER again be so care free in my training, stretching program!!!! NOTHING and I mean NOTHING is worth the agony of not being able to run! I can take 3 spin classes in a row and it still doesn't compare!!! 

MUST RUN!!!!!!!! 
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Any More Questions????

Okay, okay I'll admit it. I actually really like doing the Vlogs. 


who knew??

So if anybody has anymore questions for me, I would be happy to answer via VLOG. 

I've been doing one about once a week so your probably all sick of me and have nothing else to ask but just thought I'd ask anyway!!!!! 

If nobody asks anything I'll think of something to talk to you about:) 
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BIC Bands........I'm In Love

Well folks I have to introduce you to one of my latest OBSESSIONS!!!!!! 

a few months ago I was reading skinny runner and I came across BIC Bands. I had a look at the store and they swore they made headbands that didn't slip.

Well, I just so happen to have been looking for a circular headband that doesn't slip for just about my entire adult life and have NEVER found one. So I decided to order a couple and give them a try! I was skeptical to say the least! 

Well, GUESS WHAT??? I was wrong! 

These are the best headbands I have EVER bought!!!! I'm very serious! In fact I already own about 13 of them. I am going to be in SERIOUS trouble if Sandy the lovely owner ever decides to close because I cam totally addicted to these headbands. 

I wear them to run, to workout, to work, around the house and out on the town! 


Honestly, If you were headbands and are looking for a good one to keep your hair out of your face, LOOK NO FURTHER!!!!!

BIC bands  is you solution!!!!!!! 

To lounge around in at home!

To play with the kids at the park.

To work out! 

To open birthday gifts

To go with a fabulous outfit

To work out

To run a marathon

To go to work  

To work out

To work out

To work out!

I Don't usually get this excited about a product but seriously these bands are the best.

oh and I forgot to mention they WILL NOT give you a headache either!!!!! 

do yourself a favor and buy some

BIC bands

thirty four

Today I am 34; hard to believe. I still feel like I'm 22 most of the time. However, I must admit I wouldn't go back to my teens or early twenties for a million dollars.

My life has significantly improved over the years! 

 What have a I learned in 34 years?

everything in moderation
always do your best, even if no one notices
don't sweat the small stuff
don't hold grudges, it's not worth it, life is too short
spend as much time with your family as you can, time flies
don't take your health for granted, we are fragile 
set goals and achieve them. It does wonders for your self esteem
work hard but play hard too
cherish your spouse 
take time for yourself, you will be a better person, wife, mother

My plans for the day:

grandma is going to babysit this morning so my hubby and I can take a spin class together! Ha. Ha. You know your old when instead of going on a hot date your getting a babysitter so you can go to an early morning spin class together:) I LOVE my life! 

Then family time all day!
Then an early dinner out with the babies! 

I've already received most of my gifts. I LIKE early birthday presents.
I got a yoga ball for crunches.
A medicine ball.
a new ipod.
a new pair of CEP compression socks
and a bunch of stuff from my mom including a year long family membership to the local gym. YAY!!!! I've been using this like a maniac.

So, all in all I can't complain one bit! I have a beautiful family that I love with all my heart and I am happy and healthy! 


Signing off for now! I've got lots of birthday enjoyment to partake in!!!!! 

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My Husband's Children

As you all know my husband is a musician, a drummer. 

And I think the kids definitely have taken after him. 

We have a total of 3 or 4 drum sets in the house. One little Milton got for his first Christmas! 

Thank goodness he had his own studio at the back of the house so they can play the drums all they want and I can't really hear them! 

Music for the children at such a young age is a blessing! 
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Here's to New Beginings

My work week is over! 

I've decided to keep my blog and just do what I can time permitting! Thanks for all your advice and comments on that!

The last month has been a real struggle for me for I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Only 2 more weeks on the night shift! 

I think I underestimated how much not running would mentally and emotionally affect me. 
Honestly it had become my lifeline. Every time I was sad or stressed or anxious or just felt yucky, I could just hit the road and it would magically disappear. It has really afffected me not being able to run for so long. 

I tried to make an appointment with the sports medicine doc for my leg but the appointment times were so far out that my leg will be healed by then regaurldess of what type of injury I have. 

I think 2 more weeks and I'll be good to start up again very slow and cautious.
I cannot wait! 

In the mean time I have also started swimming. I swam 3/4 of a mile one day last week and liked it. It took me a while get into the groove of it but then it was relaxing! I didn't quiet feel it was THAT great of a workout but a good mild day at the gym I think! I'm going to try to keep it up one day a week! 

My birthday is on Saturday so I am looking forward to a fun day with the family! 

I don't miss my facebook page believe it or not and I am loving my spin classes. 

That's all for now. I'm off to bed super early so I can get tons of stuff done hte next few days. See you soon! 

Halter: Jcrew
Capri's: Citizen's of Humanity
Sandals: Cork Ease

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