Juneathon Day 5

Juneathon Day 5

Okay first of all this is like the worst blog post I've done. SORRY!!!! 

I will tell you this, when I am working 13 hour days I will have crappy juneathon posts, when I am off I will have AWESOME Juneathon posts. That's a promise!!!! 

So today I worked. I have a friend who wears a pedometer to work and I can tell you I 

WALKED 3.5 miles
Push ups (not modified) 20
push ups modified 40
Crunches 100

Good night!!! 2 more crappy Juneathon posts coming and then some GREAT ones:) 

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Juneathon Day 4

Good Evening!!!! 

Welcome to Juneathon day 4!!!!! 

Today I am sticking to just my favorite spin class. 

On Monday mornings a guy named Dan teaches the class and he's the BEST!!!! I always get the most killer workout, leaving drenched in sweat. 

He focuses on TONS of speed work and anaerobic activity (you know working out with no oxygen). Wouldn't you have known that's my favorite!!!! 

My best attempt at photographing Dan while doing a full out sprint!!! 

I'm kinda bummed and kinda stoked that I'm down to 128 pounds. I've never weighed in the 120's EVER and I mean EVER!!!!! I think it's because I lost 8 pounds of muscle because I haven't; been running but I have been working out like maniac so there is a very small chance that I just happen to be extremely fit. VERY 

Last night I was complaining about how darn tired I had been all day and my husband just looks over at me and is like, "uhhh.......HELLO, it's Juneathon"!!!! 

It was really cute!!!!

Swiftwick sent me a big box of their awesome socks to try out and since I love you all so much I want to share the love so I am going to give 2 pairs away!!! I'll write it up to post later this week! 

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Respect your Body, Your Mind will Follow

It has been 5 weeks since I haven't run a single step in my shoes. Last night my body told me to try and run so I did. I ran one very slow mile and then I stopped! 

The injury keeping me out of running for 5 weeks equaled PURE agony in my eyes.

I truly underestimated the power of what running 40 miles a week had brought to me mentally. 

At a time in my life when we are facing bankruptcy, having enough gas to make it to work, negative checking accounts and not enough diapers, I really and truly NEEDED those endorphins to keep me going. 

I  knew that running made ME feel good but I had no idea what would happen if one it was to all be taken away from me. It was my lifeline,  my crutch. When I was stressed, I'd run, sad, run, happy, run, angry, run. 

It didn't matter what it was, running emotionally "fixed" it enough for me to be able to handle. I grew very dependent  on it and didn't realize how much so. I spent a lot of time in my shrink's office over the last month sure I was having a nervous breakdown.

I also learned A HUGE lesson!!!!!! 


I was so so so greedy with my running. I would train the perfect number of days in a week and then I would always add on 20 extra "junk" miles. WHY?

Because I was greedy

I wanted to be faster, I wanted to be able to run longer and be less fatigues. 
I just wanted to be able to perform as a better athlete faster. 

Well guess what? That mentality will get you to only one place.


Just now I am coming out on the other side on my injury. After I ran one slow mile a few days ago I did have pain again so I will go for a bone scan on Friday to diagnose fully. I do feel it is almost healed though.  I will tell you I have never in my entire life been so grateful to run one slow mile!!!!!! 
Almost made me cry! 

I learned that being out with an injury certainly won't kill you, in fact it forced me to deal with some things I wouldn't have otherwise. 

I realized the importance of cross training. I immediate fell in love with spinning and I love it!!!! I will keep it as a cross trainer at least once or twice a week. I also started  swimming which is great. 
Being injured has taught me to respect my body. Sure, it wasn't like I purposely ran myself into the ground but I could have been a lot more careful and a lot less greedy and I probably would have ran that marathon.

SO where does that leave me?

Life long dream still not accomplished!!! DRAT!!!!

I've lost 7 pounds of muscle. For the first time in my life I weigh in the 120's. I've NEVER and I mean NEVER weighed in the 120's. I guess I shouldn't be complaining:)

Great news. I have found a life long love in running and know there will be many, many, many more marathons for me to run!!!! 

So, this time I will start out very slow and very cautious on my journey to marathon runner! I will humbly take a backseat to my body and let it do the talking!!!! 

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Juneathon Day 3

Happy 3rd day of Juneathon!!!

Today included a 5.2 mile walk over rolling hills while pushing 100 pounds worth or stroller and children!!! I burned 500 calories! 
I'll take it for my easy day!!!!!!!! 

I also did 80 push ups and 100 crunches

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Juneathon Day 2

Good afternoon Juneathoners!!!!!! 

I managed a pretty good workout this morning!!!!!

I jumped on the elliptical for 30 min to start

They believe it or not I was going to walk on the treadmill and something just told me to run.  I know I should run, so I did. I ran one mile at 10.3 pace and then stopped. NOTHING HURT!!!! 

It's a miracle!!!! I know I have a very long road of recovery ahead of me but you cannot  belive the relieve and happiness I fe this after noon after that one, slow mile.

You guessed it, then I jumped on that spin bike and did a 60 min class!!!!!! 

elliptical 30 min resistance 12
ran 1 mile 10.smin/mile
spin class 60 mineuts
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ProCompression and a little giveaway

A number on Months ago I bought 2 pair of Procompression socks. I bought the size sm/med that correlated with my shoes size but they were too big. Instead of sending them back right away I decided to hang on to them and see how they worked out. 

I needed an XS and that is what size I truly wear. I suppose I have extra scrawny ankles or something Anyway, The point is that now I have a pair of black proscompression socks I would like to giveaway!!! 

I washed them on the sanitary cycle I swear. So if your a woman and your shoes size is 4-11 these are supposed to be right for you but I am a size 8 and theses were not right for me. So the widest part of my calf is 12 inches. I am guessing a calf of 13-14 could fit perfectly!!! 


So if anyone wants to win a black pair of Pro Compressionsocks in size small/medium simply:

Leave me a comment telling my why you want to win  these.

I'll choose a winner next week on this day !!!!!!! Good Luck in the dirty, used sock, competition:) 
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Juneathon Day One


DAY ONE!!!! 

Yesterday my clip in spin shoes arrived and I got the clips mounted......all set for an AWESOME spin class this morning!!!!

Here I am bright and early. Ready to spin my little heart out!!!! 

Fellow spinners!!!!!

After my 60 min spin class I hit the pool to swin laps. I'm getting better at it. I've dropped 10 min of y time in the past month!! SWEET! 

I swam 1 mile (30)  laps in 14 min.

60 push ups
150 crunches
1 hour spin class
1 mile swim (30 laps, 14 min)


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Take Time to Smell the Roses

There isn't anything else in this world I love more thank some good family time!!!!! 

As I mentioned previously, I've got 5 whole days off with these beautiful people!!!!! 

So we went on a picnic yesterday.

We ate cheese, fruit and bread.

Snuggled with the kids

The kids ran wild!

Happy little Faces!!!

Big boys climbed trees!

Played Chase


Took time to smell the roses!

Happy Mamma

Taught the kids how to blow dandelions

Smelled some more roses

Had an all around wonderful day.

Took a tiny little snooze holding my favorite little guy.


I have NOT forgotten. It is day one of Juneathon!!!! WHOOP!!!!!! 
I am off to spin class this morning and maybe some strength training too. I will  have my official Junelthon post coming up for you later!!!!! 

My Glass is Half Full

I worked my last night shift on Tuesday evening! 

Ever since I have been a nurse I have worked nights and I have always disliked it! 
Yes, it's more money but I finally realized that my sanity is just not worth it. I always felt so fragile, emotional, on edge and just plain exhausted when I was working nights. My poor husband and family!!!! 
Some people do really well on nights but I just can't sleep during the day and on my days off I am up at 6am and in bed at 9pm so it just didn't fit my lifestyle at all. 

Anyhow I am SO grateful to be finished with that.

Now I've got 5 days off to enjoy my family and start off Juneathon with a BANG!!!!! 

Last night we actually had 2 friends over for dinner for the first time since Ginger was born! HOLY COW! That's 16 months!!!! I told you I never see any of my friends. We had a great time! 

Today we are going on a picnic with the kids. I'm so excited. It's a gorgeous day. I'll have photos of that coming!!!! 

I love this outfit! It's so simple and so me!!! 

I think seer sucker might be my all time favorite fabric!!!

 I L*O*V*E it!!!!!! 

PERFECT summertime style!!! 

So today my friends my glass is half full. 

I feel grateful, loved, and hopeful!!!!! 


Tank and Seer sucker Shorts: Jcrew
Sandals: Micheal Kors
Headband: BIC bands

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