Juneathon Day 12

Juneathon Day 12

I started out with 1.75 mile walk with the babes! 

It has come to my attention that I need a tan VERY badly. What do you thin of the spray on tans that you get at a salon? Are they orange or so they look good and natural. 

Then we moved onto the elliptical!

This may happen to be the worst photo in the history of man.

UMMMMM....................bloated and chunky a little? 
Oh well, what can we do. Maybe the spray on tan will help!!! 

45 min elliptical= 455 calories!!!!! 

Strength training today included:

17 non modified push ups YES!!! 
40 modified push ups
100 crunches

I read in an article a million years ago that when Brittney Spears was in the best shape of her life she did 1500 crunches a day! 
I think I could handle that!!!!

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Guest Post from Mr. Shine

Ashley from The Shine Project happens to have a very talented husband named Mike and I am so pleased to have him here today sharing an awesome salsa recipe!!!!!! 

Hope you enjoy and hope you stop by both Ashley's Blog and Mike's Blog


What you see above is a homemade salsa I created.
I'd never made my own salsa before this batch, but it turned out great!

It's fast, easy, and FRESH!

Here's a list of "los ingredientes"

1 mango
5 tomatoes
2 limes
1 lemon
2 cups cilantro
1/2 a cucumber
2 garlic cloves
4 tomatillos
a couple pinches of salt
2/3 of a red onion

Honestly, all you need to do is through everything in a blender and then puree it.

This salsa tastes zesty and fresh.  It will make you feel good and it is so good for you too.

If you want to add a kick to it, through some jalapeno juice or jalapenos into the mix.

Buen provecho!
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Don't Hate Me Because I have Beautiful Shoes

Juneathon Day 11.................sick of me yet?

Today for the first time in the history of my job I got to leave 2 whopping  hours early. SO I only worked a 10 hour shift instead of a 12. Hey I'm VERY grateful!!!! 

Anyhow I logged 2.25 miles at work hustling around!

Then the cutest {SHOES} on the face of the planet showed up and I hit the gym.

SO these shoes are in between a full cushion shoe and a minimalist shoe. I have never tried minimalist shoes so I figured I would give these a try. So far they are like heaven. SOFT, SOFT cushiony sole but we;ll see how long they last. These are for people who over pronate! 

Oh by the way let me give you a quick update on my leg. I went for a bone scan last week and my leg indeed has a stress fracture. I don;t yet know how bad it is or what I will do to speedily heal it. I have an appointment with the doc on Thursday. 

Here's the scan.

You can see the broken spot where it's all lit up! BUMMER DUDE!!!!! I have so many races to train for and I'm already going crazy!!!! 

Anyway, I went to the gym and did 60 min on the elliptical (SO BORING) burned 500 calories
10 non modified push ups
40 modified push ups
100 crunches 
and I plan to double those later tonight!!! 

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Juneathon Day 10


#1 Walked with the kids 2 miles

#2 Headed out to the gym for 60 min. on the elliptical, burned 500 calories !

Also I tried my first Tab of nuun. CURIOUS?

They are these groovy little disolvable tablets that you put into your water ands they supply with you mush needed electrolytes while your sweating away WITHOUT any sugar or other garbage. 

I must say I LOVED nuun. Will be a permanent fan, especially for 10+ mile runs. A MUST!!!!!!!

#3 Swam 30 laps, 1600 meters or 1 mile. I wanted to swim 2 miles but this creepy hairy guy tried to get into the same lane as me and I told him he could have it, I was out of there! 

Hi there........aren't I cute and sexy as a bald man?

 wrap up:

2 mile walk
60 min elliptical
1600 meter swim
10 non modified pushups
40 modified 

I promise I'm making you a video of my routine! 

NOT BAD FOR  A CHICK WITH A BROKEN LEG!!! More on that later. But yes it is in fact broken!!!! I'm tired of crying about it so I''ll spare you!


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Juneathon Day 9



45 min of elliptical.....calories 400
60 min spin class .......1000 calories
20 minuets of ab work.......I'm going to be sore for DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elliptical is SOOOOOO boring!!!! 

And this is Joseph!!!! The funniest and hardest spinning instructor there is. Doesn't he look  like Elvis?
He certainly gave me my moneys worth this morning!!!!! 
Thank you Joseph!!!! 

Until tomorrow my friends!!!!! 

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Juneathon and Swiftwick Sock GIVEAWAY

I've had a little trouble keeping up with the Juneathon posts while I'm working 13 hour shifts so here's 2 days in a row. 

Thursday Day 7:
worked 13 hours and walked 3.5 miles
40 modified pushups
80 crunches

Friday Day 8:
Ran 2.25 miles
walked with kids 2 miles
60 modified pushups
60 crunches

Now tomorrow since I am off I am planning a mini triathalon. 45 min elliptical, 60 min spin and 2 mile swim!!!! I CAN DO IT!!!

Okay on the giveaway!!!! 

SO I happen to be quiet impressed with Swiftwick Right now!!! 

I purchased 2 pairs of their knee high compression socks for myself a few weeks ago and sent them a note that I was a blogger and runner and POOF..........before i knew it I had a huge box of socks at my door ready for testing!!! 

Today I wore the zero's and LOVED them. I am a very picky sock person and I have to say Swiftwick has won my vote. PLUS....they are way more affordable than a lot of the socks you;ll find out there! 

So I decided that I would share the wealth and give 3 pairs of my 5 free away to one lucky winner.

To enter!!!

VISIT SWIFTWICK becasuse they rock

Mention this giveaway somewhere, your blog, your facebook page or your twitter account and provide this link please!! That's it and then leave me a comment saying you did so 

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Juneathon Day 6

Juneathon Day 6 is looking a bit grim my friends. 

I worked 13 hours today and walked 3.25 miles per my co-workers pedometer. 

I'm not going to do any strength training tonight cause I'm pooped and I'm planning to run before work tomorrow which means a 5am wake up call. Lets hope I can make it and my leg doesn't act up! It will be my first run outside in 6 weeks.

I promise I have some good posts coming up that are non Juneathon related, like a awesome Swift wick sock giveaway!!! YAY!!!

Have a great night. I'm off to bed! 

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Dear Diary

Life has been looking up,

With the transition to the day shift, I have already felt my spirits and my sanity improve one hundred fold in only one week's time. I have more energy. My stress and anxiety levels seem lower. I am sleeping 7 or  8 hours everyday. I am Happier and my kids seem to be too.

I'm feeling especially connected to my husband recently, remembering why we are together, why I married him, why we have 2 gorgeous children together, and so grateful to know I get to spend the rest of my days with him.

I've really been missing my brother. As with many tragedies in my life, I try to pretend they never happened so I don't have feel the pain on a daily basis but that kind of coping only works for so long. I've been dreaming of him and thinking of him a lot lately. I miss him so much I get sick to my stomach knowing I will never know him in this lifetime again. There are no words for me to describe how loosing him makes me feel. There never will be.

The love I have for my children grows more and more everyday. I come home and see those shining faces and can't understand how I got so blessed to be their mother. How could I possibly be the mother to these beautiful souls? I look at them in awe. Their beauty amazes me everyday.

I've been feeling guilty about the way I treat my mother sometimes. She is my rock.She is the only thing I've got.  She loves my kids so much and they love her. she does everything for them and for us and I still manage to get exhausted enough to snap at her now and then and it;s not fair and she doesn't deserve it. 

Even though I have not been back to running yet, I am feeling extremely healthy. I am eating really well and my weight has never been better. I know that when I start back running I am going to glide through the air loving every single second. I know I will be so much more grateful and cautious. My husband and I already have 2 5K races planned to run TOGETHER. L*O*V*E.

My life is changing is beautiful, and  unexpected ways and I am really happy right now, really grateful! 
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Juneathon Day 5

Juneathon Day 5

Okay first of all this is like the worst blog post I've done. SORRY!!!! 

I will tell you this, when I am working 13 hour days I will have crappy juneathon posts, when I am off I will have AWESOME Juneathon posts. That's a promise!!!! 

So today I worked. I have a friend who wears a pedometer to work and I can tell you I 

WALKED 3.5 miles
Push ups (not modified) 20
push ups modified 40
Crunches 100

Good night!!! 2 more crappy Juneathon posts coming and then some GREAT ones:) 

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Juneathon Day 4

Good Evening!!!! 

Welcome to Juneathon day 4!!!!! 

Today I am sticking to just my favorite spin class. 

On Monday mornings a guy named Dan teaches the class and he's the BEST!!!! I always get the most killer workout, leaving drenched in sweat. 

He focuses on TONS of speed work and anaerobic activity (you know working out with no oxygen). Wouldn't you have known that's my favorite!!!! 

My best attempt at photographing Dan while doing a full out sprint!!! 

I'm kinda bummed and kinda stoked that I'm down to 128 pounds. I've never weighed in the 120's EVER and I mean EVER!!!!! I think it's because I lost 8 pounds of muscle because I haven't; been running but I have been working out like maniac so there is a very small chance that I just happen to be extremely fit. VERY 

Last night I was complaining about how darn tired I had been all day and my husband just looks over at me and is like, "uhhh.......HELLO, it's Juneathon"!!!! 

It was really cute!!!!

Swiftwick sent me a big box of their awesome socks to try out and since I love you all so much I want to share the love so I am going to give 2 pairs away!!! I'll write it up to post later this week! 

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Respect your Body, Your Mind will Follow

It has been 5 weeks since I haven't run a single step in my shoes. Last night my body told me to try and run so I did. I ran one very slow mile and then I stopped! 

The injury keeping me out of running for 5 weeks equaled PURE agony in my eyes.

I truly underestimated the power of what running 40 miles a week had brought to me mentally. 

At a time in my life when we are facing bankruptcy, having enough gas to make it to work, negative checking accounts and not enough diapers, I really and truly NEEDED those endorphins to keep me going. 

I  knew that running made ME feel good but I had no idea what would happen if one it was to all be taken away from me. It was my lifeline,  my crutch. When I was stressed, I'd run, sad, run, happy, run, angry, run. 

It didn't matter what it was, running emotionally "fixed" it enough for me to be able to handle. I grew very dependent  on it and didn't realize how much so. I spent a lot of time in my shrink's office over the last month sure I was having a nervous breakdown.

I also learned A HUGE lesson!!!!!! 


I was so so so greedy with my running. I would train the perfect number of days in a week and then I would always add on 20 extra "junk" miles. WHY?

Because I was greedy

I wanted to be faster, I wanted to be able to run longer and be less fatigues. 
I just wanted to be able to perform as a better athlete faster. 

Well guess what? That mentality will get you to only one place.


Just now I am coming out on the other side on my injury. After I ran one slow mile a few days ago I did have pain again so I will go for a bone scan on Friday to diagnose fully. I do feel it is almost healed though.  I will tell you I have never in my entire life been so grateful to run one slow mile!!!!!! 
Almost made me cry! 

I learned that being out with an injury certainly won't kill you, in fact it forced me to deal with some things I wouldn't have otherwise. 

I realized the importance of cross training. I immediate fell in love with spinning and I love it!!!! I will keep it as a cross trainer at least once or twice a week. I also started  swimming which is great. 
Being injured has taught me to respect my body. Sure, it wasn't like I purposely ran myself into the ground but I could have been a lot more careful and a lot less greedy and I probably would have ran that marathon.

SO where does that leave me?

Life long dream still not accomplished!!! DRAT!!!!

I've lost 7 pounds of muscle. For the first time in my life I weigh in the 120's. I've NEVER and I mean NEVER weighed in the 120's. I guess I shouldn't be complaining:)

Great news. I have found a life long love in running and know there will be many, many, many more marathons for me to run!!!! 

So, this time I will start out very slow and very cautious on my journey to marathon runner! I will humbly take a backseat to my body and let it do the talking!!!! 

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Juneathon Day 3

Happy 3rd day of Juneathon!!!

Today included a 5.2 mile walk over rolling hills while pushing 100 pounds worth or stroller and children!!! I burned 500 calories! 
I'll take it for my easy day!!!!!!!! 

I also did 80 push ups and 100 crunches

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Juneathon Day 2

Good afternoon Juneathoners!!!!!! 

I managed a pretty good workout this morning!!!!!

I jumped on the elliptical for 30 min to start

They believe it or not I was going to walk on the treadmill and something just told me to run.  I know I should run, so I did. I ran one mile at 10.3 pace and then stopped. NOTHING HURT!!!! 

It's a miracle!!!! I know I have a very long road of recovery ahead of me but you cannot  belive the relieve and happiness I fe this after noon after that one, slow mile.

You guessed it, then I jumped on that spin bike and did a 60 min class!!!!!! 

elliptical 30 min resistance 12
ran 1 mile 10.smin/mile
spin class 60 mineuts
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