This is Me.


My hair is not done. I am wearing jeans and a ribbed tank and flip flops. 
Most days you see me in my "what I wore" posts I do myself up for the photos. I don't actually wear that stuff. Who am I kidding I have a 1 year old and a 2 year old. 

Today something happened!!!!! 

I have to get it off my chest! 

I scheduled my usual daily post and didn't think anything of it.

I woke up at 6:30am and glanced at my email and was very taken back by one of the responses I received.

In fact I was headed off to the gym for a GREAT morning workout and to honest it completely ruined my morning. I left the gym early. 

I have had a public blog for 2 years and this is only the 3rd comment that I found to be really hurtful. The other two were so ridiculous they were laughable. 

Your free to go read it but basically I was told I needed perspective and that I should be more grateful. Then I was told maybe I should remove my comments if I couldn't handle them. WOW!!!! 

I don't know about you but I think I happen to one of the most grateful people I know. I am ALWAYS posting about gratitude. 

As far as perspective goes. I am a critical care nurse. I witness  a WORLD of horrible perspective  every single day!!!! 

SO I thought for one day it might be okay for me to be a little bit bummed that my leg is broken. (guess not)

Anyhow, a very , very nice reader then left a comment about how my dress was inappropriate and I should be wearing a bra and you now what it just sent me over the edge!!!!!! 
First of all I don't even have any cleavage so I don't see what could possibly be offensive but it doesn't matter!

I am an honest, grateful, spiritual, deep down good person who always shares my truth and you know what there are plenty of other blogs to read.

Please if you don't have anything nice to say, don't day it at all. I have NEVER and I mean NEVER left a rude comment on anyone's blog. If I don't agree, I I simply don't comment!!! 

SO this is me!!!!!! 
Yes I am bummed my led is broken!!!!! Wouldn't you be? I miss running. I am allowed!!!!! 

But you  know what I NEVER let anything hold me down and MARK MY WORDS not only will a run a marathon but I will qualify for Boston!!!!! 


Have you ever left a rude comment on someone's blog?
Do you think it's appropriate?
Has it happened to you? How did you handle it?



It's been about 8 week since I have run any significant mileage and I must admit I am getting DESPERATE!!! 

I miss it so much it hurts! I'm totally obsessed. 

All I do is read running blogs, running magazines, marathon books, I've been planning my routes, scouting out new terrain, shopping for gear, signing up for races, planning marathons for next year!!!!! 

I study people on the treadmill at the gym to see what I think their pace is. 


I am desperate to run!

I know this all may sound very trivial but I have had to see my shrink twice a month since I stopped running because I am having a harder time dealing with my anxiety and stress load. 

Running for me was my cure for everything. 

I also am terrified I am going to gain weight. It's already been 2 months and if anything I have lost weight but I haven;t been eating all that well and I just have a feeling these workouts I've been doing aren't quiet providing the same results as running. When I'm running, I just don;t worry about what I'm eating. I have what I want in moderation but now I feel like i have to watch it. DISLIKE

All I'm saying is that I want to run so bad it's making me insane!!!! I NEVER want to get injured again. WORST.THING.EVER!!!

Running makes me SO happy!!!!! I miss it SO much!!!

My greatest fear is that I will go back to the doc after a month with this book on and he will say my leg still isn't healed. 

If is is healed i will have NO idea where to begin with my training. I know VERY, VERY slow and cautious but I think I should probably see a physical therapist!

I am glad that I have found rowing and a few other exercises to keep me slightly distracted while I'm injured but I tell you I am REALLY starting to have a hard time!!!


I'm up to 50 military push ups a day!!!! YES!!!!! I still can't do a pull up but I must admit I haven't been trying that hard! 

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Summer Dress Giveaway


Lets have a little summer dress giveaway!!!!! 

Brand new lace, fully lined, open back, size Medium (4-10) 


#1. When was the last time you exercises and what did you do?

#2Share this giveaway on Facebook, twitter or your blog!!!! Then leave me a comment!!!

#3 Recommend my blog to a friend! Leave me a comment.

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Juneathon Day 23

Juneathon Day 23

Nurse Hanna

I worked 13 hours and ran around like a chicken with my head cut off. 

My co-workers pedometer said 4.23 miles today! SWEET

Then 240 crunches 
40 modified push ups 
20 military push ups

And I'm ready for bed!!!!! Don't worry folks it's almost over. I know these posts must be getting really boring! 
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Juneathon Day 22


Today we started out with a 3.17 mile walk to the post office!!!!!! ti was lovely. Burned 647 calories. YES!!!!

This is me exhausted AFTER my work out on the SCI-FIT machine.

45 minuets= calories 650

Don't you like my frizz ball, sweaty hair do? This is what happens when I don;t wear a BIC Band.

I'm off to work tomorrow so maybe not such a good post coming but I'll try!!!!!

Have great day friends!

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Juneathon day 21 It was a KILLER


Today, I had a KILLER workout!!!!!! 

First I got up early with the babes and we walked 2.5 miles. Easy enough! 

Then I changed and headed out to the gym!!!!! 

I hopped on the Elliptical for the first time in this boot for 30 min and it was kind of uncomfortable! I probably won't really do again.

SO then I got on the SCI-FIT machine for 45 min. 

And after that I decide don a 20 in row. 

Once I got home I did my usual 40 modified push ups, 10 man push ups and 240 crunches.

I'm exhausted NOW!!! HELLO NAP TIME

TOTAL for the Day

Walking : 2.5 miles
Elliptical 30 min. 265 calories
SCI-FIT machine 45 min. 660 calories
rowing 20 min. 166 calories 

total calories burned: 1451 (not including walk the walk )

Annnndddddddd................I went with  my hubby yesterday to get fit for some "real" running shoes!!!! YEAH!!! I think I was more excited than him. 
He was fitted and decide don the Ascics Gel Nimbus 13!!! 

I also officially registered us for our first 5 K together in September!!! I might upgrage to the 15K but it just depends on my leg of course. 
SO I registered us for this race.

Hot Chocolate Race

They give out running jackets for prices and serve gobs of chocolate at the end of the race, Can't go wrong with that my friends!!!!

I have a feeling this fall is going to be a GREAT racing season!!!!

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VLiggity VLog!!!!

I didn;t use youtube so I hope this works and I'm sorry it's sideways but I can't seem to flip it.,I know ridiculous!!!! sorry.

Anyway, this is just a quickie update on life lately.

See you soon!!!!!
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My son. My Angel

My son sees me on the floor doing push ups and says to me 

"Mommy Milton doesn't need push ups." 

  "Milton is a super hero". 

 "Mommy you do push ups" 

Then he says "don't worry mommy I'll save you"

Then later he said, "I need to make some people happy today"

These kids rock my world! 

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Juneathon Day 20

Juneathon Day 20

Another day in June my friends!!!

Well, unfortunately my workouts have gotten quiet boring since I have been immobilized in this boot! 

So I hit the gym again and did 45 minuets on the SCI-FIT machine burning 615 calories!!!

Here I am looking too happy for 6:30am in my Skinny Runner shirt.

Then 30 minuets in the rowing machine. 5200, kilometers and 280 calories! 

Then later on 240 crunches, 10 man push ups, and 40 modified push ups!

Now I'm off to enjoy some fun in the sun with my kids!!!!!
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My friends, my dear, dear, friend Amy at Evy's Tree needs to clear out her entire inventory within 2 weeks in order for her gorgeous hand embellished clothing line to stay open!!! 

PLEASE, PLEASE help if you can.
 Amy's hoodie's are so unique. They are truly one of a kind. I have several of them. I recently wore one of her Diana wraps on Easter Sunday and it was gorgeous

Now's your chance to grab what you'd like before it;s too late!!!1 I truly love Amy, her shop and family!!!!! I really hope we can help keep her shop afloat!!!!! 

Thank you friends for any help you can give.!!!!!


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Inspirational Running Interview with Beth Risdon

I've been reading Beth's blog, {SHUT UP AND RUN}  for a few months now and I love it!!! Beth is an amazing athlete. I love reading her posts. 

So I 'm really excited because she agreed to be interviewed! 

YAY!!!! Running advise. I love it!!! I could talk about running all day long!!!!!

So without further ado............Here she is 

Beth Risdon

1.  Why did you start running? 
My kids were getting older, my butt was getting bigger. I needed a goal. Right about that time, I got an invitation from Team in Training. They said  they would train me for a marathon and pay my travel and registration if I would fundraise for them. A total win-win!! That’s all she wrote. 

2. How long have you been running? 
Almost four years. Before then, I would jog about three times a year, when I was feeling frisky. Times have changed. 

3. Does your running interfere with your "day" job or your job as a stay at home mom? When do you have time to train? 
I guess it interferes in the sense that it takes time. But, I also think it make me more productive and gives me more energy, so it all evens out. I train in the mornings before everyone gets up. If it doesn’t happen then, it’s not happening. I’m very lucky to have a flexible schedule with my job and I work from home. This makes training much easier. The kids are simply used to their mom always “off and running” so they get that my training is just part of our lives. 

4. How many miles a week do you run and do you follow a specific training plan? 
It really depends on my current goals. Right now, I am not training for a marathon, but have several triathlons and a running relay coming up. My weekly mileage right now is only 20-25 miles. During marathon training, it will be more like 35-45 miles per week. Anything over that, and my body starts to break down. Being a certified running coach, I create all of my own training plans. This lets me really tailor my plan to my schedule and to my particular needs. 

5. About how many races a year do you run and what's your favorite distance? 
I do about 10 or so races per year. I actually like all distances except for the 5Ks and 10Ks. They hurt too bad because I feel like I’m anaerobic and on the verge of dying the whole time. 

Boulder Half Iron Man 2011

6. Tell us what your favorite race of all time was?  
I’ll be boring and predictable and say the Boston Marathon. But, it’s true. I worked so hard to get there. That race represented so much for me. Plus, I had my entire family and extended family there cheering me on. I get chills just thinking about it. There is NOTHING like working your ass off and reaching your hard-earned goal. 

7. Do you have a partner and do they run as well? 
My husband started running about three years ago. Our paces are pretty compatible. When I started running longer distances, he said he would never do more than a 10K. He did his first marathon last year, so now he’s eating some major crow. 
Beth and her partner Dean!

8. How does it make you feel to be such an accomplished runner? 
Are you sure you are talking to me? I guess I don’t see myself that way. Anytime I can run a race and feel strong I get a huge burst of enthusiasm and sense of accomplishment. I think that’s why I love running so much – it gives you the biggest boost imaginable. 

9. Do you have a just a few tips to help any of my readers who are not runners but desperately want to be? My best advice is to – you guessed it – Shut up and run! It does you no good to overthink it – you will just take yourself out of it. But, also be realistic. Do not go out the first time and try to run five miles. You’ll just get discouraged. Be smart. Find a plan or a coach that works for you. Then stick to it. Nothing messes with your confidence more than letting yourself down. And whatever you do, don’t compare yourself to others. This is your deal. 

10. I am desperate to work on my speed. One of my biggest goals is to Qualify for Boston. Any advice on speedwork and what works the best for you? When I trained for Boston, I incorporated the Yasso 800 speed work into my plan in about week six. I think this helped me tremendously to get faster. The thing about the Yassos, however, is that you have to be consistent and to stick to the speed work plan for ten weeks. Do that, and you WILL become faster. 
Colorado Marathon May 2010. Beth Qualifies for Boston!!!!

 11 Do you follow a specific diet plan or just try to eat healthy to keep your weight down? I am blessed with good genes. Thanks mom. No diets here. Never.  

My trick to not gaining weight and to feeling good is to eat simply and to cook at home. That said, I drink wine every night and have dessert everyday. It may sound cliché, but moderation really is the trick. When I’m training I’m careful about getting enough carbs and protein. I try to be smart, not anal. 

12 Do you plan on running races for the rest of your life?  
You bet! I’ve got a lot I want to do. I’m just getting started. 

13 If you ever had the chance to go pro, would you take it? 
Right after Ryan Gosling gives me that backrub! I am certain that going pro is in my future because everyone wants a 45 year old woman who runs an 8:30 pace and keeps getting injured!! But, to answer your question, FOR SURE 
Beth After finishing the Boston Marathon

14 What are your favorite things about running?
 I’ve witnessed first hand how running can transform people mentally and physically. I’ve also experienced it first hand. Running can be a powerful tool for change if you allow it to be. 

A HUGE thank you to Beth for sharing her runing story with us!!!!!!!! Please do check out her blog {SHUT UP AND RUN}

You can read more inspirational interviews like this one {here}


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