This last Sunday we ALL went to church for a change. Once and a while I'll go with the kids but it's really hard by myself to wrangle both of the children by myself since my husband is playing in the band. 

I guess you could say I am an over protective mother! I have never left my children with a babysitter or at a childcare center of ANY KIND. The only person who has ever watched my kids is my mother and that's only a few hours at a time. 

So of course our church has a child care center but I have Been VERY leary to leave my kids there but today I decided that Milton was a big boy and he could probably handle it. I figured I would have to Hold Ginger but to my surprise they both wanted to stay in the center and had a blast playing with the other kids. Every 5 minuets I went and looked into the window to make sure they were okay. 

Yup, crazy over protective mom right here.

Anyhow, so my mom and I actually got to enjoy the sermon. I was never baptized and was not raised with religion or in the church. 
My husband however was and it's an important part of his life. I have always agreed that I have wanted our children to be raised in the church regaurdless of my "scientific" views. 

Regaurdless of what I truly believe I think church is a lovely ritual that teaches children many, many important lessons. 
Plus it introduces them to a whole new crowd of kids that may or may not be helpful once they hit their teenage years. Hopefully a more wholesome crowd.

Anyway, I think from now on we'll go every Sunday! 

Hubby and the babes

Little baby kisses are the best thing in the entire world!!!!

Do you go to church EVERY Sunday????

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Aspen Vista

I'm lucky. I live in a beautiful place! 

The kids are just starting to get old enough to to hike on their own without being carried. 

We took a little jaunt up to Aspen Vista and it was gorgeous and so much fun.

Daddy's girl


ohhhhh.........He's getting so heavy! Good thing I've been working out!

My first born. My angel! 

Best  daddy I know right here!

Me and my little peanut!

Ohhhhhh and looky, looky doesn't this look PERFECT For running? HELLO!!!!! 
I'm so coming back here to run like a beast! 

Hope You all had a beautiful weekend. I am feeling EXTRA Happy and appreciative this week!! 
I'll share soon!!!!

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Last Day of Juneathon...OVER

Juneathon Day 30 

I must admit I'm kinda sad it's over. I really had fun with this little challenge though I doubt much will change after it's over. I'l still be at the gym everyday pounding away!


Today I decided to try the Stairmaster...................OH MY GOD.................I hadn't been on one since 1992. I mean I'm not kidding. Who does the strairmaster anymore???

Well guess what? 
It was great and i got a good workout!!!! Will definitely try it again while injured!

Here I am workin' it out!!!! 


I did 30 minuets and burned 240 calories~ 

Then I jumped on my SCI-FIT machine for 60 minuets and burned abother 800. 

When I got home I did 200 crunches and 40 push ups. I may do more as the day goes on. 

AND finally this after noon the family and I went on a short mile hike up in the mountains! Loved it. The kids had so much fun! 

Great way to end Juneathon! 
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Inspirational Interview with Neon Runner

Ready for another GREAT interview?

I could talk running all day long!!!!!

Please meet Katherine from Neon Runner and read her great running story!!! 

LOVE this girl!!!

#1. Why did you start running? and how quickly did you progress?  
     I started running because I was BORED!  My boyfriend (a former triathlete)       encouraged me to run and I was HOOKED.

#2. How long have you been running? 
  I ran my first road race in May 2010, ran my first marathon in November 2011, and qualified for Boston in December 2011.  I most recently ran a 3:26 marathon in May 2012.  (3 marathons in 7 months.)

#3  Does your running interfere with your "day" job? When do you have time to train?  
 I only work 3 days per week so I have TONS of time to run on my days off.  I NEVER run on the days that I work...which is good for me, it forces me to take rest-days from running.  Otherwise I'd probably over-train and get injured...

#4 How many miles a week do you run and do you follow a specific training plan?
  Leading up to my last marathon (my PR of 3:26), I averaged 32 miles per week over 15 weeks.  I don't follow a specific training plan, I make it up as I go along...I believe in QUALITY over QUANTITY.  Here's a post about my thoughts on marathon training:  But with that being said, I may try a slightly higher mileage training program this summer to go along with my fall marathon training group.  I'll see if that helps me find some more speed!

#5 About how many races a year do you run and what's your favorite distance?
 In the past year, I've run 3 one 10K and one 5K.  The marathon is my favorite distance!

#6 Tell us what your favorite race of all time was?  
 Best race ever was the Rehoboth Marathon where I qualified for the Boston Marathon in December 2012.  (insert photo of me hugging my dad at the finish line)

#7 Do you have a partner and do they run as well?  
 My boyfriend is a super speedy runner/former-triathlete...but he's been plagued by a bad case of Achilles tendonitis over the past two years, so unfortunately we don't get to run together as much as I'd like to :(

#8 How does it make you feel to be such an accomplished runner?  
 Ok you are too sweet to even ask me this question...but honestly, when I meet or exceed my expectations, it just reminds me that I am capable of SO much more than I think I am.  I run because I LOVE to run and it's an amazing feeling to see progress from sticking with it!  Success is a byproduct of my dedication to the sport!
#9 Do you have a just a few tips to help any of my readers who are not runners but desperately want to be?  
 Yes!  Just focus on getting out there and being consistent.  Do NOT focus on speed, that will come naturally with time!  Run because you want to feel that joy.  Find a running buddy or running group to keep you accountable (very important)!  Run early in the day if you're too tired to do it after work.  Think of running as your "me" time!

#10 Do you follow a specific diet plan or just try to eat heathy to keep your weight down? 
 I don't follow any special diet plans, I just try to eat when I'm hungry.  I tend to "graze" a lot.  You'll always find a granola/protein/fiber bar in my purse!  PORTION control is also very important for me.  I try to limit eating out at restaurants and if I do eat out I am super mindful of my portions.

#11 Do you plan on running races for the rest of your life? 
 I want to have a life-long love affair with running :)  So if that means scaling back in a few years in order to preserve my joints and heart (my mom had double knee replacements in her 50's and I'd like to avoid that...), then I'll do whatever it takes in order to keep it up as a life-long habit!

#12 If you ever had the chance to go pro, would you take it? 
 I would need to work a LOT harder if I were going to go up to that stratosphere...but if I could, I would LOVE to.  Eat/sleep/run?!  Sign me up!

#13 What's your favorite thing about running? 
 It makes me feel so ALIVE :)  The benefits of running flow into other parts of my life-- I feel more calm, patient, organized, productive, and happy.

A Big HUGE thank you to Katherine from Neon Runner for sharing her story and inspiring us all. Please go check out her blog for more running goodness!!!

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Throw Caution to the WIND

Yeah, you heard me..............I just want to throw caution to the wind!!!! 


This past month has really dragged Me down and you know what I'm not going to let it anymore!!!! 

I LOVE my kids with every ounce of love I have. 

My husband is my rock. I look at his sweet face and know I we will be together until death parts us. What a wonderful feeling! 

I want to go for it. I want to get it. I want to set goals and smash them to oblivion!!!!

I Am one stubborn woman!!!! and there isn't anything More in this world I like that a challenge. 

So HELLO Juneathon

SO as soon as this leg heals, it's full marathon in October and maybe a full in December in Vegas too. 

Then maybe a 3rd baby. 
I'm not going to deny it. WE want one. We love our family so much. WE have no money. We are broke as a joke and I don't care. I want another baby anyway. I have enough love to give to 8. 

And after than it's TRIATHLON TIME!!!! And then qualify for Boston time!!!! 

800's, hill repeats, tempo runs, Yasso 800's 20 mile long runs. I'm ready for ALL OF IT!!!! 

Yup, you heard me right, I'm training for a triathlon and several more marathons!!!!! 

This world is too small and this life is too short to not experience every last darn thing I can!!!! 


Heart and arms wide open!!!!

Jumper: target ($9 seriously)
shoes: TJ Maxx

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Juneathon Day 29 and Skinny Runner LOVE

Juneathon Day 29

First Day off work in a 3 days. Headed to the gym SO HAPPY!!!!!! 

Did 25 minuets on the rowing machine and burned 200 calories!!!! I kept my rows per miuet above 35 the entire time:)

Then I hopped on the SCI-FIT machine and did 65 minuets and burned 910 calories! I was DRENCHED in sweat.  

I had my reading material and my Nuun.

Then to my surprise I opened my fitness mag to find out Skinny Runner was featured as the top riunning blog!!!! YAY! SR you go girl!!!!

And the funny thing was I just happened to be wearing my Skinny Runnner T-shirt today!!!! 

Go get your self one. They are so cute!

We have this hilarious coffe table book bout horrible bridezillas and my husband said this morning MIlton got his hands on it, opebd it to this page and said, "THAT'S MOMMY" 

WHat kind of mother must I be. I thought this was absolutely hilarous. 

Crunches and push ups to come later!!!!! 

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