Monday Workout

Turns out Monday's always end up being a great workout day for me. 

 I decided to try and run a little again before spin class. I ran 1 mile at 10:20 pace and had NO PAIN!!!!! 

Also I noticed last week when I ran I had some tingling in the area where my stress fracture was but this week I did not. I think it's because I wore my Brooks Cadence shoes today not my Mizuno's. Don;t get me wrong I love my Mizuno's. I can't live in the running world without them but they are the shoes I broke my leg in so they are shaped the exact same way. These New Brooks are totally different. It hadn't even occurred to me to switch shoes for a while post injury. DUH!!!! I feel not so smart now:)

So this is great news. This means I can run my 2 5K's I have planned in September and then in October I can do either a 10 K or a 1/2 marathon depending on how I am feeling pregnancy wise. 


I am SO happy. Running makes me so happy!!!!!!

Then a quick with and I changed into my clip in;s and did an hour spin class. We had a new instructor and she did a little mimic session of section 12 of the Tour De France. It was hard and fun!!

I got a great workout and was surprised at how sore my butt muscles were from walking the kids over 5 miles yesterday mostly uphill. 

I still can definitely feel myself getting bigger and fuller but my stomach doesn't have a defined pouch yet. 

I am really grouchy! My hormones are totally raging and I have been on and off sick. I am hoping next month and upping my mileage running will help me feel better.

Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!

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Good News

I feel better

My husband and I have finally made the official decision for me to go to part time at my crazy stressful critical care nursing job now that I'm pregnant and for me to pick up one day a week as a home health nurse since an office job doesn't seem to be panning out. I feel relieved.

We went and had a meeting with  my mom about our budget and she agreed to help us just for a little while until baby number 3 arrives. It's so hard to accept the help without feeling really guilty but we are between a rock and a hard place and really have no other option. She was thinking of retiring and now she can't so it's a bit of a big deal to me but I am so so so so so grateful. I can't really put into words how grateful I am. I am so relieved. My stress level has gone way down just knowing those 2 things. I feel like I might be able to relax just a tiny bit through this last pregnancy.

I'm still working out as much as possible. I did run the other day with no pain but did have a little residual tingling so I might wait again to run.

This morning we walked just over 5 miles and spent 2 hours at the park. I'm still feeling fairly nauseated but I'm learning to live with it.

Look how big my kids are getting????? 

Babies no more. Thank goodness I have one more coming!!!!! 
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A Fragment of Freedom

Well.........This morning I felt really nauseated. I took a Zofran and went to my ACLS class. 

Around noon I started feeling better so after 8 hours of Advanced Coronary Life Support (BLECH!!!!!) I decided I needed to run. 

Just on a whim. I am technically supposed to be on running rest still  but I decided I didn't care I needed to run to clear my head. 

SO I RAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and got my one tiny fragment of freedom.

So I ran 1.5 miles at 10:20 min/mile. On one hand it makes me feel so sad and pathetic to have to run that short and than slow, trust me all I wanted to do was scream out about  ten   8 min/miles but I HAVE TO BE SMART or I will never heal which means I will never be sane so I MUST BE SMART!!!! 

Well wanna know the good news? No pain so far!  
I'm not going to push it. I'll try to run again in a few days or next week.

I also jumped on the elliptical for 30 min to get my cardio in.

I have 2 pairs of Mizuno Wave Riders and these one's were kinda ugly so I decided to throw some neon laces on them. Well, at least their kinda fun now:)

I really like this quote!!!! NO shame in wanting to take good care of yourself. 

Hey then it was family dinner. Baked chicken, asparagus and baked potatoes. 
I recently read in a parenting magazine that family dinner cures like 90% of your kids problems, like 
*drug and alcohol abuse
*Unprotected sex and STD's
*Blah, blah, on and on

SOOOOOOOOO I AM A H*U*G*E family dinner advocate. Every  night when possible folks and start them young!!!!!

Thank you Wonderful husband for cooking such a lovely balanced meal. Today I am grateful! 
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8 weeks. Ups and Downs.

"For a long time it seamed to me that life was about to begin........real life, but there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first , some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid.

Then life could begin. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life." 
~ fr.-Alfred d'sousa

I wanted to share that thought fragment with you because it really touched me. All these"problems" that I seemingly have in front of me to "deal" with are my life and I need to remember to be grateful for them regardless of what they are. I am grateful to have a life of any kind.


So far my pregnancy has been a lot of ups and downs. 

I had my first appointment last week and they didn't listen for the baby or anything because it's too Early but when she felt inside she thought I felt much farther along than 7 weeks. 
I also have thought I have felt the baby move at least 3 times which shouldn't be happening until week 15 or 16 so???: 


SO far I am fine one day and TOTALLY NOT FINE the next! 

The insomnia is already a regular thing. Every night between 2 and 4 am I get up for a couple hours. I know this will only worsen as this was my worst symptom with both other pregnancies. 

However, the morning sickness is VERY unpredictable. One day I get up and go spinning for an hour and do a great workout and feel totally fine. I'm usually starving everyday.

But then, there are days like yesterday where I started throwing up around 1 am, it continued into the morning with a terrible headache. It was almost like a migraine which I've never had in my entire life. 

I had to call in sick to work which is the second time in now in 2 weeks because of sickness. Not only will I get in trouble eventually but I will use up the only maternity leave I have which isn't much. You are responsible to use your own accrued vacation time for your maternity leave so if you don't have any then you don't get anything. I think I might have had 5 days worth 2 weeks ago. UGH. I don't even want to think about it.

So what can I say. One day I'm fine. The next day I'm not! 

Very unpredictable and scary since I am the bread winner. 

I still feel GREAT on days I am not feeling nauseated while I'm working out!!!! I always have to eat and sleep afterwards though. I can definitely feel that my body is using A lot of extra energy elsewhere. But I still plan to work out as much as I am able and as long as I don't feel sick. I also plan to run a couple of 5K's coming up next month just for fun since I have been deprived of running for so long. 
I am not going to run at all until one day before the race and see if my leg is okay or not. If it ends up finally being OK, I might do a 1/2 Marathon or 10K in October. It would really give me something to look forward to. I love racing. It's so fun for me! 

I tried to do a little profile belly pic for you but there really wasn't enough to see anything. I have definitely noticed I am wider and thicker but it's not defined yet. 
I also have this little hanging skin pouch that is always there from my weight loss that kinda fools you. So maybe at 12 weeks I'll have a little clearer bump pic for you! 

My hubby and I have been very excited about the new baby and are starting to think up names. We always  have a difficult time deciding on names so I hope we can thin of one before he or she pops out. 

We have decided not to find out the sex this time around since we already have a boy and a girl. So this will be a fun birth. Milton was a surprise baby and boy was he the surprise of my life. 

dress: J Crew
Shoes: Payless
My dear friend of 20 years, we've been buddies since we were 15 years old,  has entered a contest with American Eagle outfitter's and I would love it if you had a spare moment to vote for him. His name is Johnathan. He is a professional ballet dancer and travels the world dancing. I would love to see him win and he has an amazing body! 
Here's the link.
Thanks in Advance!!!!
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Monday's workout, menu and some discounts

Monday I got up and 2 went to spin with new compression shorts on. I must say they were PERFECT for spinning or biking because they are long and don't ride up AT ALL!!!!!!! SO they felt great!!!!!!! By the way they are 2 for 1 right now if you want to purchase a pair hurry up!!!

I was so proud of myself because I actually managed to do some free weights which I don;t particularly like.  I did some tri's and bi's.


Horrible photo of me starting my squat routine that killed me last week for 3 days.

50 squats without stopping
15 knee push ups
 40 squats without stopping
15 knee push ups
20, no stopping
15  knee push ups
10 last squats

DONE! OUCH!\                                   

Come on now give it try it's not THAT bad!!!! Soon I'll be up to 250:)

SO I did them in my compression shorts and I must say 5 hours later I am feeling slightly sore but NOTHING compared to last week. Last week I couldn't even sit down for 3 days. If I feel sore tonight I will wear them after dinner for a few hours.
UMMMMM....WORST PHOTO EVER. Thank goodness I am pregnant so I can let it go!


1. Pre-workout clif Bar and Click Protein shake

2. Post work out, 1 bowl of kashi with unsweetened almond milk(only 60 calories folks ans GREAT protein. Just sayin')

#3 Lunch was veggie sandwich on whole wheat with grapes and a yogurt

#4 Dinner was large green salad and a baked potato

I think this is lovely and hilarious! It's a Proven fact American's spent AT LEAST 2.5 hours a day wasting their lives watching TV!!!!
I find the busiest people get the most done!!!! I used to L*O*V*E getting up at 4am for my long run so I could back in time for the kids to wake up.

 Life isn't easy folks. 

I think sometimes people look at fit people and thing to themselves,

"oh she's just naturally thin" 

This is such BS and makes me mad!!. No I'm naturally a chunker in fact but you know what I feel better than I've ever felt in my life thin and fit so I will do whatever I have to to stay that way!!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.............I'll be laughing for years because I've struggled badly with my weight  since I was a 9 year old girl and now I am a size 6 and was a size 4 before I had to stop running a few months ago. So, loosing all that weight was FAR from easy for me. 

 However when I was at my heaviest I have been accused of thinking the same thing. It's jealously and it's TOTALLY human and understandable.

*Yes I get up at 4am
*Yes I eat 2 salads a day
*No I don;t hardly eat any sugar
*I NEVER drink soft drinks or alcohol
*I work out 1.5 hours a day 3-5 days a week (pregnant or not  and intend to until the baby comes out) 

That's not easy my friends!!! Nobody ever said is was going to be. The question is, is it worth it to you?????
the answer for me is absolutely YES!!!!!!!!! 

How bad do you really feel because I know at 245 pound I  had NEVER and I mean NEVER felt so horrible in all my life and I will NEVER go back there. It was a very dark place for me. 

But there is hope once you get over the anger and bitterness that you ended up however you did. Most of us that have weight"issues" are self medicating for much deeper problem. It's totally normal but you don't have to sit back and take it. Get up and do something about it

.I have had several people accuse me of having gastric bypass surgery rather loosing the weight naturally as I did. It's infuriating!!!!!!!

So if you can let go of the anger and get out there., You can do it just like anyone else can. Sure it's easier for some than others but I'll tell you what it's NEVER been easy for me but you know what I wanted it so bad that I make it happen NO MATTER WHAT I had to do or how hard it got!!!!! I have hypothyroid and a slow metabolism and not the greatest genes. Sorry mom, not you, we'll blame the Porter's. LOL

Sorry for the rant but sometimes I think people don't understand how hard it is to loose 115 pounds. They just assume you  must be naturally thin or athletic or coordinated. WRONG!!!! It's doable and I will support each and every one of you the entire way but don't just decide as an excuse you can 't  because of money or motivation or time or childcare or whatever because I have ALL of those problems my friends ans many more. ALL OF THEM And managed to figure out a way!!!!!! 

Need help????? Email me! I would love to help out or go read my weight loss journey for a detailed plan!!!! 


ALSO........There is a fabulous documentary about the marathon that I cannot stop watching. I have probably watched it 10 times. Anyway, It's called The Spirit of the Marathon" and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone even slightly interested in the marathon. 
Find {HERE}

Also the protein beverage that happen to be obsessed with CLICK is having a promo where you will get a free shaker PLUS free shipping on every canister you buy. Just enter the code "shaker" 
Shop here

Pro Compression socks are also 1/2 off right now. Click Here to take advantage of that.

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Inspitational Interview Chicago Runner Girl

I AM SUPER EXCITED TODAY to introduce you all to you Britt Kelly from Chicago Runner Girl today.  I don't remember now how I stumbled across Britt's blog but I instantly loved it. 

Britt is an AMAZING runner, running coach and virtual coach so I plan to have her coach me to my BQ after the baby is born next year which I am just ecstatic about!!!!!! For God sake's a need a coach.

So without further ado here she is!!!!!!!


Why did you start running?

I accidentally fell into running as in middle school when I was 12. I really wanted to be an athlete, but didn't have any skills that would have helped me make teams that had try-outs so I went out for the only teams that didn't have cuts, Cross Country and Track & Field. It was love at first step and I haven't stopped since.

2. How long have you been running?

My life has seen 16 years of countless miles that have hosted just as much heartache as they have joy. 

3. Does your running interfere with your "day" job or is running your "day job?  When do you have time to train? 

I'm self-employed where I'm a virtual running coach and personal trainer. While my running isn't my day job and doesn't exactly pay the bills, I do make a living off of coaching others towards their goals and some days can't believe that I actually make money talking and thinking about running. It really is the coolest job ever and doesn't feel like work. I'm also a personal trainer, so I pretty much live and breathe all things fitness all day long.

Most of the work I do is from home on my own schedule which allows me to train pretty much whenever I want. It's nice that I can sneak in an afternoon workout to take a break from my paying duties where I don't always have to think about how my stinky sweaty funk is disturbing my coworkers. My associates are my pups, and they don't seem to mind it.

4. How many miles a week do you run and do you follow a specific training plan? 

Right now I'm keeping my miles moderate for the summer as I'm coming off a relentlessly tough spring season and can't really handle the heavy mileage right now, so at this time there is a 60 mph limit where I've been hovering well under that line so far this summer. I'm my own coach and don't follow a training plan per se. I've found through my coaching as well as my own running that laying out a 16 week plan and following every workout just because the plan says so is not the most effective training method. All of my workouts are pretty much planned the day of based off my own intuition of what my body needs. My training plan is basically a blank slate and isn't filled in until workouts are complete so that I can look backwards to see how my workouts have improved my fitness in accordance to where I'm headed instead of looking forward to how far I've still got to go.

Training myself and my runners this way keeps motivation levels high and never puts the pressure on for what one thinks or feels they need to be doing instead.

5. About how many races a year do you run and what's your favorite distance? 

I try not to race too many because my body tends to take a long time to recover from races. So far this year I've ran 6, which is a lot for me. Some of those have been fun runs, but I find that I have the most success in a season when I race less. My favorite distance range is 15k to half distance. Shorter races are a lot for my mind to process where by the time the race is over my body is just starting to feel ready to go and longer races like the marathon leave me feeling really beat up. For some crazy reason I've actually never ran a 10k, but I think that this is the perfect distance for me.

6. Tell us what your favorite race of all time was. I know HARD question?  

I ran the Oak Brook Half Marathon, a cute course in the Western suburbs of Chicago, the last two Labor Day weekends and love that course. The 2011 race hosted my favorite running moment ever when I finished in 1:27, which was a 5 minute PR, without a taper after several 75+ mile weeks as I was preparing for the marathon. As soon as I crossed the line on those tired legs and saw the clock, I just felt unstoppable and ready to conquer anything. My husband ran over to me scooping me up in his arms squeezing me as tightly as he could which was the best embrace my life has ever seen. Whenever life I get stressed or frustrated with my running I always go back to that moment where I never felt more safe and loved. Makes my heart flutter just thinking about it now and somehow can always relight the fire in me.

7. Do you have a partner and do they run as well? 

Running partner? Kinda. She's a bad ass and I'm always working my butt off to keep up with her. She keeps me straight and helps me erase gray areas in life while challenging to me be my best self. She's pretty awesome. Life partner? Yup. He used to be a 4:27 miler and 1:57 800 runner in high school but put running on hold for quite a few years to gain success elsewhere in life. He's recently been trying to get back into running and this fall I'm going to be his drill Sergent at the Chicago Marathon. We aren't going for time, just for a finish while we enjoy the race day chaos in the streets of our city. I'm really looking forward to it because he hasn't ran a marathon since 2006 and it'll be amazing to be at his side supporting him.

8. How does it make you feel to be such an accomplished runner? 

Bashful, I don't think I'm that accomplished. There are plenty of quick chicks ahead of me out there, and always will be. But I do feel fortunate and blessed to be where I am with my running and try not to take a moment for granted. Honestly speed will fade over time so I try not to get too hung up on it now and instead just thank the Lord for the healthy body he has given me that can move in such amazing ways.

9. Do you have a just a few tips to help any of my readers who are not runners but desperately want to be? 

Anyone can be a runner, all you need is an ambitious spirit. Running isn't about everyone else, instead it's about you as an athlete and how much you can challenge yourself. Focusing on yourself and making slow progress based off of your own goals is what gets you out the door everyday. Running is a sport for everyone.

10. I am desperate to work on my speed. One of my biggest goals is to Qualify for Boston. Any advice on speed work and what works the best for you?

I am a true believer that what works for one doesn't work for all. While all of our bodies are made up of the same parts, they don't all respond the same to exercise stimulus. It's tough to find the right recipe for yourself, and after 16 years of running I'm still working on mine. What I've found to be most helpful is to keep a detailed running log and do workouts that get my body comfortable running a wide variety of paces while not concerning myself about what other runners are doing. For me lately I've been living by the rule of "less is more".

My greatest advice to all runners who are training for a marathon is to work more in your lactate threshold pace rather than focusing on building speed through intervals. You always want your training stimulus to mimic the what your body will be experiencing race day, no matter what the distance.

11 Do you follow a specific diet plan or just try to eat healthy to keep your weight down?

No specific diet for me. I eat when I'm hungry and try to keep the bulk of my diet composed of whole foods and not processed items. My only dietary rule is to eat real food. I don't concern myself with weight and instead try to just make choices that leave me feeling comfortable in my own skin. Diets and scales leave people feeling judged tied into others expectations for themselves. I do what makes me feel good, and if that means a few oreos before bed there will never be any shame in that. 

12 Do you plan on running races for the rest of your life?  

I love racing, and hope to be at it well into my old age if my body allows. Racing isn't always bout winning and speed for me. I live for that race day atmosphere and the feelings it stirs inside me while engulfed in a crowd of runners who all have the same goal, to finish.

13 If you ever had the chance to go pro, would you take it?

Heck yes. Lots of pressure there, but how cool would it be to toe the line of a race alongside of the greats?! I think I would be totally lame and star struck.

14 What are your favorite things about running?

Running challenges me to be a better person. It puts me outside my comfort zone daring me to be bolder and braver with each step. It lets me feel free and uninhibited. Every time I lace up and head out the door, it's just me and my thoughts. There isn't responsibility or expectation, just time for me to unplug and fall off the map for a few brief moments in time. The sport has done so much for me where and basically taught me that in all ares of life you will never get back more than you put into something. Running is what it is, and that's the beauty of it. Raw and exposed.
Thank You so much Britt for sharing your story with us today. I truly am so excited to follow your journey and hopefully work with you next year!!!!!! 

If you haven't yet, you must go check out Britt's blog Chicago Runner Girl


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