Questions? Vlog?

Hi Y'all 

Well, I have officially been in bed since last night sick as a dog. I tried to eat a bakes potato after 15 hours of no food and it made me even more sick. BOOOOOOO

I was doing really well for a couple weeks but the morning sickness is back, at least for a day or two.

So I just thought I'd ask if any of you had any questions for me answer via VLOG!

I might have to do it fro my bed but hey I love you all enough I don't care!!!!! 

So..........If you have any questions about  my running, my pregnancy or just life in general feel free to ask away!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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Monday's This and That's

Sunday Evening Pre fuel for Monday morning's run..............This is my excuse for eating ice cream at 10PM Saturday night!!!!

And of course a healthy dose of CLICK to start out my morning run!!!!!! Speaking of which my gal pal Skinny Runner is having a giveaway for CLICK on her blog. Go HERE if you want to enter.

Monday morning run was 3.4 miles with average pace of about 10:49. Pretty slow today. I felt like I had to pee the entire time and I was just sluggish this morning but I think that's just how it is when your preggo. You have good days and bad days and I'm okay with that! 

I wore my spanx shorts this morning under my capris to try and support that bump but I have found my compression shorts work MUCH better so I think I'll stick with those until it's time to use my belly support belt! 

So far I am LOVING my Brooks Pure Cadence Shoes!!!!! Not a single pain and they are marshmallow soft and comfy but I bet they only last 200 miles. I'll let know but this is my guess!!!! I might just have to invest in another pair if they wear out though. LOVE them so far! 

Some people had questions about what you do with this blue foam roller. This is how I roll out my hip flexors! 

Don't worry I have on boxer shorts under this tunic. It's not my underwear people!!!!!!!

This is how I roll out my calves!!!!! You should be able to roll out your back too but I haven't learned that one yet!


Oieselle Long Sleeve Running top with built in gloves!!!!! BEST TOP EVER!!!!! (if you haven't checked out Oieselle you NEED to! One of the best companies I've found in a long time! 
Are you kidding me? I would die and go to heaven and wear this every single day in the winter!!!!! 
Find it HERE

I really want THESE trail running shoes from Asics. Trail shoes are the ONLY thing missing from my running shoe collection and I am eager to get out there on the rugged terrain!!! Plus these are on sale! Oh and their pink and for over pronators.....can't go wrong!
What's the next thing on your MUST HAVE list????????? 

Please tell me I'm not the only shopaholic with no money to spend! 
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I pray.........a lot!

These are some of the things I pray for 

I pray my kids the happiest childhood my husband and I can give them! 

I pray for a healthy baby! 

I pray for enough money to purchase a new car that all the kids can fit in.

I pray for a life long marriage filled with happiness.

I pray for a healthy baby bump

I pray for the ability to relax and enjoy every moment with my family instead of stressing.

I pray for the ability to let the stress of work totally go.................................much easier said than done!

I pray for the resources to send my kids to a good private school.
I pray for my family relationships to strengthen.

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On Life Lately

Life Lately Pregnancy Wise:

I think I'm 10 weeks but I feel like I'm 16. Seriously, I don't know if it's because it;s my third baby or what but I can already feel the little munchkin moving. I swear! 

And, I have become SOOOOOO aware of my body since loosing 115 pounds and becoming a runner that I can feel every single pound I am painfully gaining. It kind on sends me into a panic and then I just have to breathe and remember I'm pregnant but I can tell you I have already gained at least 5 pounds. BOOOO!!!!! 

When I run I can feel the backs of my arms flapping and my love handles jiggling! I'm not going to lie, I hate it! I have a really hard time gaining weight because I am so scared that I am going to just blow up like I did with mt other pregnancies! I hope I don't have to start restricting sugar because I'm not going lie, my sweet tooth had been RAGING and I Have been eating lots of dark  mint chocolate M&M's at work, like 2 bags per 12 hour shift! Oh and I wonder why I've gained weight. 

Life Lately Running Wise:
I don't think I have ever been so grateful in my life to be able to run again. I think I took 3 or 4 months off from running totally. That's a LONG time!!!!!! I am so happy that even though I'm pregnant I seem to be jumping right back into the game!!!

 I have 2 5K's coming up and either a half marathon or  10 K in October. I think I have to just wait and see how I am feeling at 20 weeks, hopefully good enough to run a half marathon but the reality is, I might be too darn big by then. My belly gets big FAST! 

On Marriage Lately:
I guess all I can say is, MY POOR HUSBAND! I get really grouchy when I'm pregnant. I forget how bad it is until I'm actually pregnant and then I go, ohhhhhhh this why I always complain so much and make my husband miserable! Poor man! 

I honestly don't mean to be a rotten pill of a wife but I just get so tired and I don't sleep and the 2 toddlers are both in the tantrum, talking back phase so it's time outs every 5 minuets. What can I say, I'm just overwhelmed and working 14 hours on my feet doesn't help anything! 

So I guess the point is I'M SORRY HUBBY! I love you to death and this too shall pass!!!!! 

On Stress Lately: 
I am so happy to report that this has gone down significantly. Ever since my mom offered to help on a monthly basis, I feel very relieved. We are still declaring bankruptcy but I think we'll feel a lot better once that happens. 

I have been trying to rest as much as possible even though it's virtually impossible with these two crazy toddlers. I had my first panic attack about the pain associated with child birth the other night. I can't believe it's starting so soon. I have had 100% natural childbirth with both my kids and I'm not going to lie, it hurts like the devil and gives me major stress just thinking about it. That pain will be forever burned on my brain. 

Overall the stress level is MUCH improved though and I am so grateful!!!!! 
Love you guys!!!! Thanks for listening!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Oh and is this not the cutest sweatshirt ever for runners!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm obsessed with it!!!!!!! Wear it ALL the time!!!!

Find it {HERE}
I'm dying to get my hands on this shirt too!!!!
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Peach Crumble Top Pie

Well, It's a miracle. I went to the Farmer's Market yesterday and saw so many gorgeous things. I decided I HAD to bake a pie with the fresh peaches we bought! This is the first thing I've baked in months!!!

I LOVE peach pie and I LOVE a good crumb topping so I decided to meld the two. This pie came out awesome and was really easy!! I hope you'll give it a try! 

For the crust use THIS recipe!

For pie filling:
6 fresh peaches peeled and chopped
1 cup sugar
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
2 eggs beaten
Juice from 1 lemon
1/2 cup of flour

For the Crumb Topping:
2 1/2 cups flour
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
2 sticks of butter, melted

Preheat oven to 350.
For The Filling combine everything in a bowl, mix well and let sit a few minuets while you prepare the crust and the topping.
For the crumb topping mix all dry ingredients with a whisk, once combined, add the melted butter and stir. IT will make large wet lumps. This is perfect. You can now crumble the lumps up if you wish to get the desired size.
Now add your peach filling on top of your crust being sure to leave a little room for the crumb topping. Now top with crumb topping bake for 45 minuets on a low oven wrack or cover the crumb topping for about 15 minuets so it doesn't get too dark and crispy. Enjoy with ice cream! 
 ( one regular 9" pie)

Have a great Sunday!!!!! 
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Sunrise Run

I promise this is my last "only" about running post for the weekend. I will have a "real" post up tonight or tomorrow. 
I swear!!!!!!!!!!! 

But oh how I LOVE to run!!!!!!!!!

SUNRISE RUN!!!!!!!!!!! 

It felt soooooooo good to be outside again running. I am an avid outdoor runner. I really don't like the treadmill ever. I will run on it if I have to; if it's too hot or cold or I'm injured but otherwise no thanks. I'll run outside! 

I ran 5.38 miles with an average pace of 10:45. Hey, not bad for an old, pregnant, recovering lady!!!!

I already have pretty bad insomnia with this baby, just look at the bags under my eyes at 6am if you don't believe me! 

When I got home I stretched for 10 minuets and then rolled out my hip flexors on my blue foam roller for another 5 minuets. I am just really learning how to use this thing but I think it seems to really help! 

My hip flexors were the only thing sore from my 4 mile run. I am actually surprised that my legs are in such great shape thanks to all those spinning classes and squats I kept up with while I was injured. 

A HUGE than you to Melanie from Crib Creations. She sent me washable, handmade wipes and a gift card for $25 smackers!!!!!!!!!! 
Seriously, you are all too sweet for words. I am so grateful for you and hope you know it!!!!!!!

Anyone else suffer from insomnia while pregnant?

Anyone else use a foam roller? What are you thoughts on it?

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I'm Back

Well folks.........I am officially back in the running game!!!! 

I ran 4 miles today with no pain!!!!! My stomach muscles are a bit sore this afternoon but otherwise I feel great!!! I can't wait to go on a sunrise run!!!!! 

I rocked my new BIC band today! I obsessed with anything fluer de lis so I had to nab this headband at the last sale!!! SO cute!!!!

I've been at work the past couple days and have to go back again tomorrow but this is what I eat for lunch when I;m working a 12 hour shift. I'm trying to stay on the healthy side.

I'll be back with a real post shortly, I just wanted to share my excitement of being able to run again. It feels fantastic. My lungs are a little rusty but legs were ready to tear it up today. 
Anybody else getting in some good runs?
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MARRIAGE...How I make Mine Work

I am by far no expert on marriage but we do have 5 years of marriage under our belts and 10 years together.

When we very first started dating I KNEW I WOULD MARRY THIS MAN. 

Therefore I was VERY, VERY careful with him. I moved across the country to be near him and went to school. We kept separate apartments for 2 whole years despite the desperation to want to move in much earlier. 

I told you, I was VERY CAUTIOUS. I didn't want to ruin my relationship with my future husband by rushing anything. 

I am not most affectionate person on the planet. I am just wired that way but I do try VERY hard to do special things for my husband all the time! I leave him little love notes probably 4 days a week when he's out late at a gig and I know I won't see him or when I'm off to work in the early morning. These little things over the years really add up and remind him I still love him just as much as I always have and more. 

I wrote a post about affection HERE


Examples of my little love notes!

Since I love food and I love making fun things. I often will make heart shaped food for him, either muffins, scones or as you can see pizza here. It's just another little fun thing to remind them you love them. 

I made this banner one year for Valentine's day dinner and had it hanging over us as we had dinner. 

Now it's hanging over our bed and my son is so cute he always asks, "Mommy, did you put that up because you love Daddy?" 

Pick your battles!!!!!!

I am sure you have heard this SO many times but it is some of the best advice I have ever received. People are made the way they were made and many, many things about them will never , ever change no matter how many times you try so just let them be and move on.

All my husband's not so seemingly attractive traits I have actually come to learn to love.

Be Present:

At the end of each day, if we are both int he same house, even if it's for 5 minuets we connect. Talk about each other's day and what we're happy about, concerned about, ect.......
This is important.
Days, weeks, months can do by and you won't realize it. 
Pretty soon not on y do you not know what your partner is going through but even who your married to. 

MAKE TIME!!!!!!! 

Don't Nag!!!!!

There is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING worse than a nagging wife. I swore the day I got married I would NEVER do this. 

I have seen in my life so many couples that are just miserable because the wife follows the husband around nagging him about every little flipping thing. 


Men are men and they need their own space and their own time just the same as we do. 

If you need help with something you can sit down and have a civilized conversation about it. You DO NOT NEED TO NAG.




Work at it everyday!!!

If you have a fight or an argument in the morning, call mid day and apologize. Be the bigger person. Leave a note saying I',m sorry or work it out as soon as possible. 

Make an effort to say I Love for no reason, hug or kiss even if you don't really feel like it! 

over time it  makes a big difference, especially if you don't yet have kids. 

I would say kids put a pretty GIGANTIC stress on any relationship. It can enhance it too but in  my perception it put way more stress that ease.

Respect Each other:


This is BY FAR the most important thing my husband and I have done since day one of our relationship. My husband had NEVER, NOT ONCE in our entire relationship cursed in my general direction or called me ANY NAME other than the one I was born with. And I have done the same. 


When you are in a fight it is so so so so easy to start throwing curse words around or say something like, "you know what? your being a real *bleep*" or "what can't you do the *effing* dishes?" YUCK. DO not talk to each other like this EVER and mean NEVER!!!!!


Things like this that are said CAN NEVER BE TAKEN BACK!!! NEVER!!!!
SORRY will never make it better!!!!! NEVER, you will remember that comment for 20 years and it will haunt you! JUST DON'T DO IT!!!! EVER!!!!

You must be kind and respect each other. There is no other way. I believe this may be 70% of the reason people's marriages fall apart. They say things don't mean and can never take them back!!! 

This is more than just touching base at the end of the day. You need to be open and honest and OFTEN!!! 
If something is bothering you, you need to let your partner know ASAP in a NICE WAY!!!! Otherwise it will built and built and you will end up growing apart and blowing up one day.
This is no fun. It's no fun telling your partner that you need them to do XY&Z but I guarantee it will make for a  much happier marriage. 

Don't keep it inside.

The "D" word is actually not  mentioned in our household unless we're discussing someone other that ourselves!! No, I'm not kidding! 

My husband and I are a bit old school I guess you could say but we both agreed LONG before we got married that we would never get divorced. Not unless there were horrible circumstances that cannot be named. But anything short of this, it's simply not an option!!! PERIOD. END. OF. STORY. 

Whenever we get in a really bad fight divorce NEVER even crosses my mind. NEVER. I made a very serious commitment to myself, my husband and God that I would stay with this man until I die and I meant every word of it!!!!! 


So for me I feel like I don't have to worry because it's simply not an option. NO matter how bad it gets, we will work through it. If we have to go to counseling or get whatever kind of help we need, we'll get it! WE WILL NOT GET DIVORCED! 

I think in relationships where people sign pre nups and all this nonsense they are already thinking about getting divorced and they haven;t even gotten married yet???? I mean do you really want to marry that person?? Just my person opinion. 

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