Farmer's Market

I don't know if any of you have stuck around since the beginning of my blog, but I used to post Farmer's Market photos twice a week. 

Well, I don't get down there that much anymore but we did manage a trip today with lots of family fun!!

I picked up 3 cartons of fresh picked wild blackberries. I made a crumble top blackberry pie. So expect that recipe coming right up!!!!! I'm SO excited!!!!!

My kids are getting so big I can;t even believe it. They really do seem like twins now.

Happy Tuesday Friends..........Thanks for Visiting!
Be right back with Blackberry Crumble Top Pie Recipe!
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I have never in my life seen such ridiculous bed head. I was awake every hour last night rolling around. Seriously, no sleep for me and it is VERY evident in these here sleep eyed pre-run photos. I can't even get my eyes balls open. Ha. Ha. 

Apparently sleeping while running has become my specialty!!!!

I got up at 6:30 and went out on a 5 miler. For the life of me I could not find my pace. I was running sub 8 or sub 9 minute miles for the first 3 miles..............WHAT??? I don't even run that fast when I'm not pregnant!!!!
Seriously.......I need to chill out. So then the last 2 miles I was like totally exhausted and had to run 11.5 minute miles. When I got home I was dizzy and wobbly. 
Running while pregnant is weird. Some runs I feel great and normal and other runs I am a wreck. This  morning I felt like a hippopotumus. I felt like I weighed 300 pounds. My feet were dragging and I couldn't get that pep in my step (except the first 3 miles.LOL)

I ran with the pregnancy belt on and it seemed to help a little????

So.......this was going through my head every 5 seconds!!!!! 

My Running Friend Christy over at The Buhrs posted this little survey and I thought, "well, another chance to talk more about running.....AWESOME"

So here you have it.....feel free to join in the fun!!! 


Are you a morning, noon, or evening runner?

MORNING!!!!! definitely morning. I can perform really well at 4am. I do horribly if I try to run in the afternoon or evening. I'm exhausted by then. Shoot, I am in bed at 8:15 every night.

Do you run solo or with a buddy?
Solo.  I really like to be in my own head and I really like to zone out with my music to my own pace. I feel "pressured" when I run with other people which is probably a good thing for pacing purposes but I definitely cannot relax properly unless I'm solo.

What is your favorite post run snack?
Fruit!!!! I LOVE to refuel on fruit. You know how after you run 15 or 20 miles you feel kinda sick? Well, that's why I love fruit because my stomach can always handle it. FRUIT and H20!!!

What is your favorite race?
I love all the races I have done. Racing is so fun. It definitely gets you more passionate and motivated to work harder and be more involved in running as a sport. I have found that I prefer larger races to smaller ones. I feed on the adrenaline high that comes with the crowd. I perform better too.

Do you wear a Garmin? If not, how do you track your distance?
Yes...I am in love with my garmin. I can;t live without it now.

What is my least favorite race?

Don't know yet! I am definitely a distance runner. I can run and run and run forever. It's my speed that kills me. Speed is my biggest challenge. If I could make my body do it, my mind I can push on forever as long as it's at a comfy pace. So it's safe to say the 5K is my LEAST favorite. Probably the 1/2 or full marathon are my favorite distances. I've never even run a full marathon but I've done plenty of 16, 18, 20 mile runs and loved them. 

Me at 4:30am before an 18 mile run!!!

Where is your favorite medal from?

I didn't really like the Albuquerque Half Marathon but I love the medal I got from that race. It's simple and classy.

How long have you been a runner?
Not LONG! I have run on and off for years but consistenly this time around less than a year.

Do you run with your wedding/engagement ring on?
No. I hardly ever wear my rings. I don't wear them to work as a nurse because of the amount of time I have to wear gloves and the amount of hand washing that I do. So I think because I  already in the habit of not wearing them, I don;t to run because I guess of the sweat, irritation factor??? I don;t know but I don't wear them when I run.

What is your favorite workout? tempo? long run? fartlek? repeats?
LONG RUN!!!!! By far! I love the endorphins I get from the long run. In fact I'm pretty sure that's the reason I run. It makes me feel good. When I do speed, I just feel like I'm going to keel over and die......not so much the endorfins there.

Me before a 20 mile run 4:30am

What is your favorite place to run?

outside!!!!!!!!!! Definitely outside. I prefer freezing, 15 degree weather to the treadmill!

Do you use Gu?

Yes, I am lucky. It doesn't bother my stomach at all. I  like vanilla and chocolate the best.

What do you drink to keep hydrated?

water and sometimes Nuun if it's a longer run. I like to keep my electrolytes in line!

What do you take with you on a run? Does it vary by distance?

My ipod. I need music when I run, my hydration belt or my hand held water bottle if I'm running far or it's hot and some GU's if I'm running far. My garmin and my sunglasses.

What is your favorite type of cross training? 
Spinning!!!! I love the intensity of a good spin class. This is something being injured taught me about myself and I'm glad because I don't think I would have ventured into that world otherwise.

What is your favorite song to run to?
I have a few but I love Thriller by Micheal Jackson and I love In da club by 50 cent. I have a few that I like

What brand of shoes do you wear?

Right now I have a pair of Brooks, a pair of Mizuno's and a pair of Asics that I am alternating. Loving all of them to be honest! 

Do you wear a hat when you run?
Sometimes. When it;s winter I do so I don't loose heat from my head but in the warmer months I tend not to or I will wear a visor. I always wear a BIC headband to keep my hair out of my eyes.

What temperature is your favorite for running?
Below 60. I definitely like the colder temps. I think 40-45 is PERFECT running weather! 

Do you have any big races coming up?

a 10 K this weekend, a 5K next month and MAYBE a half marathon in October but I might be too pregnant by then, we'll see how it goes:)

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Silver Dollar Triple Berry Pancakes

This Sunday Morning my kids slept until 8am!!!!!! 
It's unheard of!!! Usually they start waking up at 6am, rarely they will sleep until 7 but 8am??? 

So, I decided to make us some special silver dollar pancakes to celebrate!!!
You should make these for your family!!! It's such a wonderful family breakfast!!

Original Pancake Recipe:

Dry Ingredients (whisk in a medium size bowl)
1.5 cups flour
3 tablespoons sugar
1.5 teaspoons baking powder
0.5 teaspoon salt

Wet Ingredients (whisk in a small bowl)
1.5 cups milk
3 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
2 eggs
0.5 teaspoons vanilla 

Whisk the wet and dry ingredients together until smooth. Cook in a medium/high heat skillet until golden brown on each side. Serve with fresh berries, butter and syrup. 


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My Little Preggo Strength Training Routine

Okay so last week I decided that I needed a little strength training program that I could maintain along with my running while pregnant and I had a couple questions about, like,

 "what the heck is a donkey kick?" 

HA....I don't blame you, my terms are so accurate and well known:)

So, I made you a lovely little tutorial with the exception of a bicept curl and a girl push up. I figured we all knew how to for those!

*Plank 90 seconds (either elbow or full extension)
*60 Triceps lifts with 10 pound medicine ball (20 reps X 3)
*60 Bicep curls with 10 pounds free weight (20 reps X3)
                          *80 girly push ups  ( I figure I'm pregnant I'm allowed to wimp out a little, reps of 20 or 40)
*75 squats (40 set) (20 set) (15 set)
 *80 Donkey Kick leg lifts for the booty  (40 each side)

okay so what do you think???

Totally doable for a pregnant lady, right????
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Baby.....12 Weeks

Well...................We've made it to the first trimester mark ALREADY! 

Wow.........Look at me I managed to get out of bed and I even cut my own hair because that's just how much I care! Ha...Ha......

Sorry, but seriously, I wouldn't dream to pay someone $100 bucks to lop off 2 inches plus I'm a beauty school drop out so no excuses! 

How far along? 12 weeks

Baby’s Size: about the size of an egg

Weight Gain: 7.5 whopping pounds!!!!!! And I am VERY UPSET!!!!!! The doc assured me that because I was so thin when I got pregnant a lot of times the padding comes on right up front but I;m not buying that, I've been huge before. No thanks. So starting right now we will be leaning much heavier on the protein rather than carbohydrate side.

Bellybutton: in

Stretchmarks: just a million old ones

Maternity Clothes: not yet, thank God

Names: If it's a boy we will name him after my bother, if it's a girl we don;t have a single clue

Gender:This will remain a surprise baby

Movement: Honestly I have already felt it move, it's my 3rd baby, it;s not that weird

Sleep: I wasn't sleeping for about 6 weeks, now I am doing a little better with the anti-nausea meds.

Symptoms: extreme grouchiness, moodiness, nausea, vomiting

Food Aversions: pretty much everything (yet I still manage to gain 7 pounds. damn it)

Food Cravings: none

Best Moments this week: I got to see and hear the baby's heart beat for the first time this week.

What I miss: not being a psychopath, my husband

What I am Looking forward to: not being a psychopath

Milestones: got in a 9 mile long run this week with no pain whatsoever!!

Now I'm ready for a vacation. I had to miss out on work(and running) for almost 2 straight weeks because of nausea and vomiting. I am finally feeling a Little better so now I'm ready to do something nice. Honestly it was hard being home so sick with 2 screaming toddlers glued to my knees. I don't have a lot of Patience right now.

I guess next week is my 10 K and the week after is my 5 K so that should keep me entertained  and excited I guess!!!! 

DRESS: Anthropologie, FLIP FLOPS: J Crew

Have a great day Friends!!!!

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As you all know, I have a terrible addiction to compression gear....mainly socks

Anyhow I have always been curious and have been dying to try some Zensah compression apparel. So I decided to give them a shout and they were super nice and responsive and whipped me over a pair of adorable pink and black argyle compression socks over in 2 days. FAST I tell you!

Well, you all know I'm 12 weeks pregnant now and am recovering from an injury but I knew this week I would be getting back up to speed so I decided to test out my new Zensah's on a 9 mile sunrise run. 

It was glorious and so were the socks. Honestly, I would say they are my MOST padded compression socks I own. They are very thick and plush, definitely a nice foot cushion. I really liked the amount of compression too. Sometimes I have a hard time getting it just right. I thought these were snug but not too tight.

I wore them for the whole 9 miles and then stretched and recovered in them for about 20 minutes after as well. I couldn't be happier. 

Honestly, well done Zensah. You have a happy new fan here. In fact I may have to order a pair of your sleeves ASAP!!

I wanted to show a photo of the inside of the socks because they are SO PLUSH!!!! These socks are just super cozy. I'll be wearing these ALL fall and Winter for sure!!!!!!! 

Stretching it out!!!!!!

Here's a few caption's from my was GLORIOUS!!!! Thank you ZENSAH for making it extra special this morning!!!!!!!!
Anyone Else Currently Using Zensah? What Are Your Thoughts?
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