UPDATES life and pregnancy

First off I would like to announce that my wonderful husband FOUND A JOB!!!!!!! 


You have no idea what a blessing and relief this is for us. It's part time and very flexible. JUST.WHAT.WE.NEEDED. 

God is so good!!!!! 
Wouldn't this be the best picture without all the trash and toys in the back round? SAD!!!!!!
Secondly I would like to announce that my ridiculous weekly nervous breakdowns about my weight ARE OVER!!!!! 

I have been mentally torturing myself this entire pregnancy and it's ridiculous. Somehow I have come to my senses and I will eat as healthy as I can but I will indulge as I see fit and NOT FEEL GUILTY.

I think after loosing 115 pounds it is really hard for me swallow gaining weight again but I AM PREGNANT AND IT"S OKAY AND I HAVE FINALLY REALIZED IT!!!! 

I SWEAR, you are not going to here one more complaint out of me!!!!!!!
How far along? 18.5 Weeks

Baby’s Size: Not Sure

Weight Gain: I have no idea and I don't care!!!

Bellybutton: in

Stretchmarks: just a million old ones

Maternity Clothes: My tummy hasn't grown too much more this past 2 weeks so still wearing some normal clothes and a few maternity things

Names: If it's a boy we will name him after my bother, if it's a girl we finally have one name kinda picked out and no I won't tell until he/'she is born.

Gender: Surprise baby

Movement: YUP.........little one continues to kick away. YAY

Sleep: Not too bad. I get at least a few 2 hours stretches a night. I'm grateful.

Symptoms: Nausea and Vomiting come an go along with dizziness and migraines. I'm stating to get pretty tired a lot too. Still praying and hoping this gets better. I would like to be able to go to work every week.

Food Aversions: Naaaaaaaa

Food Cravings: Not many this week.......feeling pretty nauseated. I could go for a loaded baked potato though

Best Moments this week: Being with my family! 

What I miss: RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This will never change. And being mentally stable. 

What I am Looking forward to: Feeling better one day. Halloween and my Milton;s 3rd Birthday

Milestones: Letting go of my weight obsession
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I have SUPER DUPER exciting news this morning!!!!!!! 

This will surely brighten any one's weekend!!!!!!!! 

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I was born the youngest child to a family of 3 children,

Naturally I believe this why I gravitated towards this number rather than 2 or 4 children in my own nuclear family. 


When I think back now to my childhood I was mainly tagging along or trying to play with the big kids who didn;t really want anything to with me but I loved it. I loved every second of Tosh teasing me and ticking me until I pee in my pants and I loved every time I made Asia cook something for me. I would beg for it and she's finally give in and make it and then I'd say it was disgusting and refuse to eat it. 

These years are so, so, so very vivid in my mind......just like it was yesterday.  My mother was a single mom starting when I was 4, my brother 7, and my sister 10. She was left  no money,. no job and 3 kids and a farm to take care of. Luckily we got out of there lickity split and we moved into town. Times were tough to say the least.

We got a one bedroom apartment. We all slept in the same room. My mom in the bed and the three of us in sleeping bags in the floor. My mom found some job working for a janitorial service and by the Grace of God, we made it okay. 

What I want to say is that the joy that my siblings brought to me at such a horrible time in our lives is priceless. I will NEVER, as long as I live forget how we had to stick together and how good it felt to know that you had someone there you could realty trust and rely on. Your brother, Your sister, They Loved you.  

AS we all began to grow and go our separate ways I really do wish we had remained just as tight as we were back in that one room apartment. We were always close and saw each other a couple times a year at holidays or what not. 

My brother, Tosh Passed away in February of 2007 in Tokyo Japan. He was 31 years old.He was living and working in Tokyo. AS a family we stopped everything and flew his bedside there in Tokyo and watching him pass. It was to  date the worst day of my life.  He comes to me often in my dreams and I miss him so much it hurts.
If our baby is a boy we will name him Tosh after my brother. 

What I want to say is that I feel so blessed that my children will get to know that same love that I knew. I felt surrounded by my siblings. Weather arguing or playing, there just insn't anything better than family and I wrote this post to show my gratitude to God for blessing  us with a 3rd baby to fit right into our family. 

 Thank you
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Our Tomato Harvest

The Villarrubia family has not always had such good luck in the gardening department. 
We are the known brown thumbs,  but over the past year or two we have been determined to get it right and we finally did. 

We grew a HUGE slew of tomatoes, orange cherry tomatoes and heirlooms. 
We had enough to eat for months and months and we have blanched and frozen pounds and pounds of them as well for tomato sauce in the future.

We made countless salads, bruschetta, and cherry tomato pasta.
It is about to freeze here in our neck of the woods so we had to go through and pick everything we had left.
Not too shabby. 

I love being able to feed the kids right out of the garden.

Have a great Tuesday....I have 3 awesome giveaways coming right up including

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3. a pair of ProCompression Marathon socks!!! 


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It's Not Too Late to Change

I am sure you have noticed a theme with  my pregnancy posts lately or just my mood in general lately, 

I'm depressed. I'm lonely, I'm unhappy. 

I don't feel like I have anything for myself and I feel bad about myself. 

I went from working out and or running 2 hours a day 5 days a week to walking the kids in the stroller a few times a week. HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!! 

I was relying on those endorphins and that stress relief for my sanity which I have clearly now lost.
It's not surprising if you think about it. 

I stopped working out intensely. I stopping taking my anti depressants medication that I have been on for years because I didn't want to harm the sweet baby and I started eating sugar and bread which I never ate before but I thought for the health of the baby it was necessary. 

Think again!!! Time to re-evaluate because excuse my French but I feel like CRAP!

It is SOOOOO easy to fall into #1 The pregnancy "I can eat whatever I want, I'm eating for two, I'm pregnant trap" and it is just as easy to fall into the "I'm training for a marathon and I run a million miles a week so I can eat whatever I want trap too" 


I've gained 20+ pounds in 18 weeks and I am MISERABLE. 
I feel like I can barley move. My body parts actually hurt because they have been stretched so quickly.

I tried to go on a run the other day and literally could NOT even clasp my sports bra. I ran a 10 K 2 weeks ago?????

I was a size 4 when I got pregnant and now who knows probably a size 14. It happened QUICK and I mean QUICK!!!!!!!

I don't think it's too late to reverse it or at least stop it in it's tracks!!!!! 

Today I am going to get onto the gym's website and get myself into some spin classes and do some elliptical (my favorite, I joke, I think it's the most boring machine on the face of the earth)

All I know is that I am  miserable all of a sudden. I feel really bad about myself. I miss running so bad it hurts inside. Running made me feel on top of the world. It cured everything. 


It made me whole and now I just feel huge and empty.

I KNOW I will  loose all the baby weight and probably more after the baby is born because that's just how motivated I am but for right now I need motivation. Somehow pregnancy has taken that from me. The sickness, the nausea, the dizziness, the weight....UGH!!!!!

I don't know where it's gone but it's gone and I feel really lonely and yucky and sad and it really doesn't help to have every Tom, Dick and Harry telling me how fat I  am every 5 seconds. 
As if I am not aware of it already? It's my body, remember???
SO I hope you will support me in my quest to become a healthier preggo. 

Working out as many days as I can, no more sugar (BOOOO HOOOOO....You can hear me crying all the way in China) and not too much bread either (another SOB) 

Sometimes reality sucks! 

I'll do weekly posts to let you know how it goes but as of today a MAJOR change has begun. Hopefully to a happier and healthier me

I hope you all have a blessed Sunday!

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Halloween Chevron Cookies

Just an idea for Halloween goodies. I think I will take these to the neighbors. They are simple sugar cookies with royal icing dyed and piped on top. 

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Audubon Society Family Hike

You all know we love our family hikes. 

This week we went to the local Autubon Society. I hadn't been there in years.

Kids loved it!!!! 

Note to self to NEVER wear that shirt while pregnant again. YIKES
I have been missing running really badly, like deep down in my soul, bad. This morning I tried to put on my clothes and I couldn't even get my bra to close AT ALL!!! I wish I was kidding. Then I was like, "who am I kidding, I've gained 20 pounds and I'm pretty big, I'm not going to be able to run and if I can it ill be so slow and so miserable I will probably cry so I decided to forget it. 
Suddenly, the fun is over, the eating whatever I want fun is over. I feel big. I feel really yucky. I just want to be able to move again. I have my doctors and my family already starting in on my every two seconds about my weight. I am considering portion control and no sugar which will basically make for a MISERABLE pregnancy but you know what it ends up being miserable anyway with every single person harping on you constantly letting you know just how fat you are.
And then they say, "oh just enjoy it honey" Enjoy what? You calling me fat every 5 minuets when actually I happen to growing another human or the fact that I apparently should only be eating carrots and celery for 9 months. 
UGH!!!! Rough Day! 
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This Weeks Mish Mash

THIS WEEK   was awesome as far as blog goodies!!!!!! 
My wonderful friend Tallia from Braologie sent me a GORGEOUS nude, lace bra just because she's wonderful!!!!! 

Seriously. She's just wonderful and that's all I can say about her. She made my little hormonal day!!! (p.s. it's a good idea to like said Facebook page because she does giveaways on there. just sayin')

I am officially in love with your undergarments!!!!  (any of you that won the giveaway please email me and let me know how you like your garments. I'd love to know)


On Other New Fronts!!!!!!
I was Published in Smarty Had a Party for my Champagne Sparkle High Hat Cupcakes. It's kinda  big deal. They have 17,000 followers. HOLY MOLY!!!! I am honored!!!!!

And Finally I received my case of CorePower that I won from Yo Momma Runs!!!! 

YES!!!!! I am SOOOOOO excited. This is something I will really use and love trying new performance fuel!!!! THANK YOU COREPOWER AND YO MOMMA RUNS!!!!!!

And Lastly.............Our attempt at Halloween decorating around the house
I know. I know. it's not the greatest thing in the world but the kids made some of it and they helped me so it is what it is and they had fun which is really the only thing that matters.

So let me go to my bed with my fave reading material. One of my favorite things in the entire world is to get a fresh , new magazine in the mail, the smell, the crisp pages.....Mmmmmmm heaven!!!!!!!
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