In the short few months I have know Tallia from Braologie, I think we've become friends. I'm not even sure how we got connected, I suppose she contacted me and I THRILLED to say the least.

You might remember I did a giveaway last month with her GORGEOUS undergarments and my readers were thrilled. I've gotten several emails about how excited everyone has been.

So the other day Tallia, being the sweetheart that she, me a gorgeous nude, lace bra just as a gift because she is lovely and wonderful. And then she asked if maybe my readers and I could Help her out and I thought, "sure we can"

So She is giving away a full workup on one reader, meaning she will analyze photos and send a detailed questionnaire and then send the appropriate garments to help with your posture and over all look. When she did this for me, I was SHOCKED at what a mess I was posture wise. THANK YOU TALLIA for fixing me.

Anyhow, Braologie is a new company and she needs our help with something. So here's what she needs from us.
Braologie is a whole new concept of undergarment. It is meant to be worn on a regular basis to help with a woman's shape and posture. It is NOT meant to be worn like Spanx or whatever other horrible uncomfortable fat sucker that you only wear once a year when you go to your cousin's wedding;.

Braologie is very carefully tailored to your body specifically and meant to be worn daily to improve posture and shape. Trust me, it's VERY comfortable. I LOVE mine and was very surprised. 

So here's the problem words like"shapewear" and "Functional Wear" do not describe the braologie product. These imply something more like lingerie or Spanx that is only worn occasionally. Braologie is mean to be worn everyday. It's a whole new line of products folks and we need a word for it!!!!!!

Tallia's request for help and the giveaway,
"We have always wanted a new "word" that describes our products but have no luck in brainstorming and coming up with this new word. It does not have to end with "wear" but we want to be known as a new category of lingerie that helps improves the posture and contours of the women's body." 

#1. leave a comment with your suggestion for a new word for Braologie products and leave the comment here. You must complete this entry to enter.

#2. Follow Braologie on FACEBOOK and leave me a comment

#3. Follow Bouffe and Bambini on FACEBOOK and leave me a comment

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You might remember last December, a few weeks before Christmas, my husband lost his job. I started working overtime and totally burned myself out in a  matter of 5 months.
The bills were too high. We needed to change something drastic. So we did.

We got rid of our cell phones completely.


Yeah, that's right. It's not even like we have a janky old flip phone and certainly no new iPhone 5. 


We have a land line with an answering machine. When we first got it I had to relearn how to use the darn thing. 

So we have been living cell phone free for almost a year! 

Is that amazing or what??

I tell you what I miss the most is the texting. It made it so easy to meet up for lunch or remind my hubby at the grocery to pick up something extra but now it's good old fashioned, If I'm not home, you will never find me. 

Strangely there is a very nice freedom in it. I will never be bothered again. My kids NEVER see me incessantly texting or chattering on the phone, especially while driving. 
I am a nurse I see what happens to the victims of this first hand but don't deny it, we've all done it a hurry before. 

I see other kids younger than my own with their own iPad's and phone like devises and it makes me kinda sad. They are just glued to the screen, seemingly brain dead. 
Not mine! 
They wouldn't even know one if they saw one. There was a kid at a park with one and of those and of course instead of playing outside at the park he was playing video games on one of those things and my son just looked at him and said, "mommy, what's that boy doing?" 
I found it sad and amusing that my 2 1/2 realized how ridiculous it was and he didn't know what it was. 

So almost a year cell phone free and only one car. It's almost like we're Amish (That's a joke. Please don't take offense) and we're surviving just fine. In fact I don't feel the need to be glued to my phone 24/7. I'm free to be present with my family. It's kind of wonderful actually.


Ever thought about life without a cell phone???? Could you do it?

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Gratitude Could Save The World


I have found in my short life that the one thing that has the ability to make make my life a million times better each day is gratitude. 

Be grateful for 5 minuets alone in the bathroom
Be grateful for every run
Be grateful for your children everyday
Be grateful for your spouse everyday
Be grateful for ANY amount of sleep
Be grateful for fleeting moments of peace
Remember what is REALLY important

It so easy to go dragging along each day waking up grouchy to 
alarm that is too loud, get dressed and rush out the door to work without even a bite to fill your stomach. Meanwhile you wore the wrong bras that's going to dig into you all day and your socks are too tight.


The whole time in car your missing the beautiful sunrise because your too caught up in what wretchedness the day holds ahead. Or your on your way to wal-Mart (God forbid) for some ridiculous thing that can't be found ANYWHERE else and both kids are in the back fighting over a toy and screaming, your head is pounding and you think you might just loose it right there in the 15 mile an hour school zone. I mean really just have a break down.

This kinda stuff happens to me all the time. 

But then I remember. I remember how blessed I am. I look in my rear view mirror and I see those beautiful., HEALTHY, shining faces. I feel those little tiny kicks in my tummy and know I will soon be meeting yet another beautiful soul that my husband and I created. How could it get any better?

I remember that my husband is the best man I have ever met and how good he is to me. He tells me he loves me everyday, he cooks for me, he dotes on me when I don't feel good and I know would give anything for me or our children, and I remember just how good God is. 

When It really comes down to it, gratitude saves my life on a daily basis. We are in such financial trouble that every single day I am so grateful for the food that placed on my table. I am able to nourish my children to have healthy minds and bodies.


I am so grateful for my mother. My children love their grandmother more than life itself. She is gentle and kind and loving. She is patient and wonderful and creates magic for them everyday. I mean real magic. They come running into her house and find new forts in each room with little handmade toys and organic treats hiding everywhere. It's like wonderland.Thank you Momma! I KNOW how blessed my children are for having you on their lives. 

Beautiful isn't she?
I am grateful for this blog. I've had a little over three years and it has always been the best outlet for me. I don't connect with too many friends anymore as I have so  many little ones and this allows me to be me and to express what I'm feeling and get feedback from all of you beautiful people who take the time to read it. It is all my own space and I cherish it. I often get up in the dark, in the wee hours and sit here at the computer drinking  my CLICK and blogging away. It's such a wonderful treat to have a quiet house for an hour. 

I was talking to one of my patients last week and we were marveling at how much a apparent can juggle. Prior to becoming a parent I was lazy. Seriously I was. I couldn't be bothered to do the dishes or cook or clean. What was I good for? Nothing i guess.

 I had a VERY active social life. We'll put it that way. But now as all you moms know, 3 minuets is an eternity to spare and we can get 5 tasks done in that short time. Mother's and Father's are amazing. honestly, just amazing. 

When I first left my husband with my 2 month old and 14 month old and went back to work, I was TERRIFIED for him because I knew the stress that awaited him but boy did he learn quick and now does a better job than me half the time. I feel like our children will have such a wonderful memories of their mother and father being so, so present in their lives. Most kids don't get that. For that I am grateful

I just wanted to put out to the universe that my life is tumultuous. It ALWAYS has been. I am spirited to say the least. I am irrational. I do crazy things. I go for it. I love the adrenaline rush. I go for the glory no matter the pain on the other side. 

Life does not scare me. I embrace it and it is often painful but I figure it out as I go along and gratitude is often what gets me through day by day by day.

How about you. What does gratitude do for you?
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Our First Pumpkin Patch

This is our local church pumpkin patch that we usually go to every year but I am really hoping we can make it to the one with  the hay rides and corn maze this year but we will see.

My handsome little devil will be 3 in a couple weeks!!!! 

Just happy to be with my kids on a beautiful day
Happy Weekend Friends. 
I still have ANOTHER Braologie giveaway coming up!!!!! Stay Tuned!!!!
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What stress really does to you

I have been thinking A LOT!!! 

Probably too much but I have been thinking about this for a LONG, LONG time. 

I think the stress of my job is slowing killing me. 

I realizes that everyone has a stressful life and a stressful job. Of course we all do but the kind of stress that I am exposed to is diffenent, it's emotional, it's gut wrenching, it gives me nightmares. 
I think about a patient 4 days later and wonder what I could have done more or where are they now. Are they okay?

To be a nurse you must have the mind of a surgeon and the body of a construction worker. Your on your feet 14 hours plus with nearly NO break and you are responsible for everything! If the doctor accidentally writes an order that the patient is allergic to and you don't catch it, it;s on you! If a 400 pound patient needs to get be pulled up in bed, you have to do it. My back aches every day and my brain hurts when I come home. It's A LOT to handle.


Honestly, to be a nurse, you must be super human! 

I've been a nurse for over 4 years now and I have ALWAYS worked in critical care. It seems the type of unit I decided to reside in can be one for the most stressful. As far as critical care goes, you have the Emergency room, The Intensive care Unit, The Progressive Care Unit (or step down unit) and then regular Medical/Surgical floor. 

This is the typical breakdown. I have always chosen to work Intensive care or Progressive Care. I am morivated. I am smart. I am a fast learner and I think FAST in emergencies. I think I am good at what I do. Before I had my kids I was VERY career orriented. I wanted to be the best of the best. 

However, I think it may be secrectly killing me inside. 

Let me explain one more thing I have noticed about the unit I work in compared to the Intensive care unit. In the Intensive care unit many of the patients are SO sick they are on the line between life and death or we may be artificially keeping them alive with ventilators and drugs to keep their bloop pressure up and such. Most of the time I have worked ICU I have 2 patients only because they require so much attention to detail and they are usually not awake. However if something goes wrong, get ready because all hell is going to break loose trying yo save their lives. VERY STRESSFUL!

When they start to get slightly better but are still VERY, VERY sick they come to my unit, the Progressive care unit. In my unit it's hit or miss. We have 4 patients instead of 2 and they are either VERY sick and still potentially actively dying or they are totally fine and could walk out the next day.

It's a mixed bag. You never  know what your going to get. This in itself is very stressful. There is no way to plan on your way to work at 6am in the dark what kind of day you will have. 
I often have a fine day with a nice mix of patent's at different acuity levels and other days I feel like I am literally drowning!!!!! 

I mean I have 3 patient;s who are "crashing" or trying to die and maybe one who is really needy. I know this may be hard for non health trained professions to understand but it can get REALLY ROUGH!!!! and I mean  ROUGH!!!!! 

I have NEVER cried at work but then again I am very good at keeping my emotions under control but many days I know  many nurses so go home and cry! 

So just imagine their lives are in your hands. You are responsible. You have 5 crying family members looking at you for answers which you often don't know. Day after day after day it gets very taxing.

I would say MOST days I don't use the restroom or eat or drink for at least 7 hours. Yeah, not good for a sick pregnant woman or anyone in fact. Every nurse I now does this everyday of her career.

I think the biggest stress is EVERYTHING is on you. There is no one else responsible. The doctors only come in an absolute EMRGENCY and then it's your resposibility to get them there. You are pretty much all on your own. You can of course utilize your co workers for questions and advice but hey are often so wrapped up in their own crisis they can't help. 

The point is.....I have been THINKING A LOT and realized that it's not worth it. Everyday I come home so exhausted I can barley stand and emotionally totally drained. I give everything I have at work. I have nothing left when I come home. 
I feel like this kind of stress over years and years is what causes cancer, heart attacks, all kind of ailments. I eat well, I exercise and live a fairly healthy life, except I am STRESSED TO THE MAX ALWAYS!!!! 

Yes, my money situation at home doesn't help that but as soon as I am with my kids that seems to melt away. I am seriously reconsidering moving to a different unit.

No matter what unit you work in as a nurse you will be stressed, busy , running,  not's the nature of our job but I am thinking maybe a happier floor or a floor with less drama. Maybe Labor and delivery or Oncology. 

I don't know the answer but what I do know is that stress kills you. I truly believe that. 
You know how 2 months ago they came out with this HUGE ground breaking study that said that they were wrong about trans fats.......they are not the problem it's sugar and carbs in fact!!!! 


 I Could have told you that 10 years ago but my point is they think people are dying of heart attacks and cancer because of their diet or lifestyle, I THINK IT'S STRESS. You can literally feel it killing you 

There is a HUGE untold story lurking behind the effects of stress that has yet to to discovered but I am sure it contributes to many of our illnesses. I see it loud and clear every single day with my patients. 

What's your take on stress affecting your health??????
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ProCompression Marathon Sock GIVEAWAY. NOW CLOSED!!!!

Well......This is pretty much the BEST.DAY.EVER. because ProCompression not only gave me an awesome pair of compression socks to try out but they are giving away a pair to one of you too!!! 

I told you......BEST.DAY.EVER. 

So, it's no secret that I have a mild obsession with compression socks. I mean I wear them on I think every single run since the first day I tried them, that was probably 9 months ago. When I am in peak running condition (not 5 months pregnant. I run 30-40 miles a week) Also, I haven't gone a single day of work without wearing them either so it's safe to say I spend 60% of my life in compression socks. I work as a nurse on my feet for 14 hours at a time. 

So, I need a lot of pairs and they better be good!!! 


Plus..........these limited addition Michellie Jones socks are like the cutest things EVER!!!!! 

They might just be my favorite pair at the moment!!!! 

I actually already own about 4 pairs of ProCompression socks but I think these are the cutest by far!!!! 

One of my favorite things about ProCompression is they always have awesome sales going on where you can get socks for around $30 instead of $50. LOVE!!!!!

Great compression, fitted, padded foot, comfy!!! PERFECT!

I CANNOT WAIT until I'm not pregnant so I can run some seriously fast miles in these cuties!!! These are definitely race material! 


Why ProCompression Socks:
"Compression socks are specifically designed to not only give you an edge, but to help you perform better all around.
Our socks can be worn before, during and after a workout as the benefits of compression help expedite muscle recovery through enhanced vascular flow in your lower extremities.Your feet and legs are your engine. Anything less than peak performance and full recovery means unnecessary discomfort while operating at less than your best. Change all of that with the advanced design and materials that make PRO Compression socks your ultimate recovery tool.
Beyond traditional high compression, be sure to check out our specialized running sock. The innovative design, lightweight construction and stabilizing zone make it one of the most comfortable, yet effective, running socks available."
I can't say enough good things about compression gear. I love it. I am obsessed with it. I run it. I recover in it. I work in it. 

Weather you are an athlete or not. These socks are GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!! and cute and comfy. I have gotten so used to them I seriously can't really live without them!!!!

*Visit the ProCompression website and let me know which pair of marathon socks you'd get if you won.....leave a comment here. 

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Don't forget to leave me your email unless I can obviously find it on your profile. Good luck. Giveaway closes in one week Wednesday October 24th. 
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UPDATES life and pregnancy

First off I would like to announce that my wonderful husband FOUND A JOB!!!!!!! 


You have no idea what a blessing and relief this is for us. It's part time and very flexible. JUST.WHAT.WE.NEEDED. 

God is so good!!!!! 
Wouldn't this be the best picture without all the trash and toys in the back round? SAD!!!!!!
Secondly I would like to announce that my ridiculous weekly nervous breakdowns about my weight ARE OVER!!!!! 

I have been mentally torturing myself this entire pregnancy and it's ridiculous. Somehow I have come to my senses and I will eat as healthy as I can but I will indulge as I see fit and NOT FEEL GUILTY.

I think after loosing 115 pounds it is really hard for me swallow gaining weight again but I AM PREGNANT AND IT"S OKAY AND I HAVE FINALLY REALIZED IT!!!! 

I SWEAR, you are not going to here one more complaint out of me!!!!!!!
How far along? 18.5 Weeks

Baby’s Size: Not Sure

Weight Gain: I have no idea and I don't care!!!

Bellybutton: in

Stretchmarks: just a million old ones

Maternity Clothes: My tummy hasn't grown too much more this past 2 weeks so still wearing some normal clothes and a few maternity things

Names: If it's a boy we will name him after my bother, if it's a girl we finally have one name kinda picked out and no I won't tell until he/'she is born.

Gender: Surprise baby

Movement: YUP.........little one continues to kick away. YAY

Sleep: Not too bad. I get at least a few 2 hours stretches a night. I'm grateful.

Symptoms: Nausea and Vomiting come an go along with dizziness and migraines. I'm stating to get pretty tired a lot too. Still praying and hoping this gets better. I would like to be able to go to work every week.

Food Aversions: Naaaaaaaa

Food Cravings: Not many this week.......feeling pretty nauseated. I could go for a loaded baked potato though

Best Moments this week: Being with my family! 

What I miss: RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This will never change. And being mentally stable. 

What I am Looking forward to: Feeling better one day. Halloween and my Milton;s 3rd Birthday

Milestones: Letting go of my weight obsession
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CLICK Giveaway!!!! NOW CLOSED!!!!!

I have SUPER DUPER exciting news this morning!!!!!!! 

This will surely brighten any one's weekend!!!!!!!! 

Since I have partnered with my absolute new favorite drink CLICK................I have been in hog heaven!!!!!!

And today I get to offer an AMAZING giveaway!!!!!!! 



*One canister of CLICK....Any Flavor you like
*A CLICK-ed  out shaker
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GREAT NEWS is CLICK is offering Bouffe e Bambini a BOGO offer. Buy one CLICK package and receive a second one FREE.
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Also, you can find all kinds of amazing recipes, including Pumpkin spice latte using CLICK HERE on their fan recipe page. I highly recommend! 

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(Good Luck I will choose a winner one week from today Saturday 10-20-12) 

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I was born the youngest child to a family of 3 children,

Naturally I believe this why I gravitated towards this number rather than 2 or 4 children in my own nuclear family. 


When I think back now to my childhood I was mainly tagging along or trying to play with the big kids who didn;t really want anything to with me but I loved it. I loved every second of Tosh teasing me and ticking me until I pee in my pants and I loved every time I made Asia cook something for me. I would beg for it and she's finally give in and make it and then I'd say it was disgusting and refuse to eat it. 

These years are so, so, so very vivid in my mind......just like it was yesterday.  My mother was a single mom starting when I was 4, my brother 7, and my sister 10. She was left  no money,. no job and 3 kids and a farm to take care of. Luckily we got out of there lickity split and we moved into town. Times were tough to say the least.

We got a one bedroom apartment. We all slept in the same room. My mom in the bed and the three of us in sleeping bags in the floor. My mom found some job working for a janitorial service and by the Grace of God, we made it okay. 

What I want to say is that the joy that my siblings brought to me at such a horrible time in our lives is priceless. I will NEVER, as long as I live forget how we had to stick together and how good it felt to know that you had someone there you could realty trust and rely on. Your brother, Your sister, They Loved you.  

AS we all began to grow and go our separate ways I really do wish we had remained just as tight as we were back in that one room apartment. We were always close and saw each other a couple times a year at holidays or what not. 

My brother, Tosh Passed away in February of 2007 in Tokyo Japan. He was 31 years old.He was living and working in Tokyo. AS a family we stopped everything and flew his bedside there in Tokyo and watching him pass. It was to  date the worst day of my life.  He comes to me often in my dreams and I miss him so much it hurts.
If our baby is a boy we will name him Tosh after my brother. 

What I want to say is that I feel so blessed that my children will get to know that same love that I knew. I felt surrounded by my siblings. Weather arguing or playing, there just insn't anything better than family and I wrote this post to show my gratitude to God for blessing  us with a 3rd baby to fit right into our family. 

 Thank you
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Our Tomato Harvest

The Villarrubia family has not always had such good luck in the gardening department. 
We are the known brown thumbs,  but over the past year or two we have been determined to get it right and we finally did. 

We grew a HUGE slew of tomatoes, orange cherry tomatoes and heirlooms. 
We had enough to eat for months and months and we have blanched and frozen pounds and pounds of them as well for tomato sauce in the future.

We made countless salads, bruschetta, and cherry tomato pasta.
It is about to freeze here in our neck of the woods so we had to go through and pick everything we had left.
Not too shabby. 

I love being able to feed the kids right out of the garden.

Have a great Tuesday....I have 3 awesome giveaways coming right up including

1. all kinds of goodies from CLICK
2. a full shape wear set custom fitted for you from Broaologie
3. a pair of ProCompression Marathon socks!!! 


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