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Good Morning everyone. I have a special treat for you today!!! 
My friend and fellow preggo Marion from Marionberry Style is here today showing us you don't always have to look dumpy and frumpy when largely pregnant. In fact, I couldn't look this good on my best day not pregnant! Please welcome her with open arms. I have been following Marion for years now and her style is impeccable!!!!! 

Hi everyone!
My name is Marion and I write a personal style blog called Marionberry Style.  I am currently 9 months pregnant...which makes getting dressed somewhat challenging! 

Hanna asked me to share a few looks I've pulled together over the past few months, so here are a few of my favorites from 5 months on!

Month 5 is really where I first started "showing."  It was good in that I no longer simply looked like I just ate a huge dinner.  But it was bad in that I had to learn how to dress without using my "go-to" closet staples...they just no longer fit!

Month 6 felt a lot like Month 5.

What can I say about Month 7 except I totally "popped!"  My husband looked at me one day and exclaimed with glee, "Oh my gosh...you're huge!"  Normally this would hurt my feelings...but it was kinda true!  Plus we have been wanting a little one for so long now that hearing him say these words just made me feel blessed :)

And here I am...smack dab in month 8. 

I know, I know...I am still wearing heels.  Since I don't fit into much else, I have held tight to my heels and handbags!  

Thank you Hanna for welcoming me on your blog!
xo - Marion


toi said...

She one gorgeous pregnant lady. Stopping by to say hello and follow along for inspiration.

Francie@EscovedoEscapades said...

Gosh, she looks great! By my 8th month, I was so swollen that I could only wear burkenstocks, and I looked (and felt) like Jabba the Hut!

Marion Green said...

Thanks so much for hosting me Hanna!! I really appreciate it...have a beautiful weekend friend!
xo - Marion

Melissa said...

She looks great!

I love her outfits!

Hope you are feeling well Hannah! =)


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