WEEKEND *Snipits*

Good evening sweet friends!!!!!! 


Mine was great but JAM.PACKED.

I am exhausted and as I am looking at my "to do" list for this week I must admit I'm pretty darn overwhelmed.

I have a lot going on here on the blog this week and Little Ginger turns 2 on Saturday and I of course totally over committed myself with elaborate decorating and baking for her party. So with this past weekend being so busy, I didn't get as much for next week done as I'd hoped.

There are piles of laundry, dirty dishes, there is NO FOOD whatsoever, crumbs on the floor and wild children everywhere right now:) 


These were only $6 online and they only had medium left which is great because they will fit perfectly when I'm not pregnant but I was a tiny bit sad when I tried to pull them up and couldn't get past my knees. 


My hair has gotten a little longer and nicer since I've been pregnant so I decided I wanted to start doing more FUN things with it! I attempted that "hair bow" that you see on Pinterest everywhere but I looked like a dog or mouse with 2 ears:) 

Anyhow, I NEVER use hairspray and I decided if I was really going to start doing some do's that I was going to need something serious so I bought this is unscented!!!

It's been REALLY cold here, bitter cold. I think it was 6 degrees this morning so everywhere we go, which isn't many places, we have to majorly bundle the kiddoes.

But they sure look cute!!!! 

So all morning I painted  Ginger's Castle.   
It took me about 45 minuets and by the end I was having braxon hicks like crazy and I was TIRED, like, red in the face tired:) 
I guess that 8 months pregnant thing is really kicking in now.

We are really lucky and have a wonderful friend Alex who is a painter by trade and gave us about 4 pastel colors to play with when I told him about Ginger's Party for free so I let the kids decide the color of the castle and they wanted yellow, so yellow it is. 
I'm going to do different  accent colors and such but the base is yellow. Still lots to do!!!!! It's still in pieces!!!!

Cute, I think!

Okay so last week I posted I was dying to try some dry shampoo. I had several, several recommendations, For the most part they were for Suave and Tresseme. 
I tried Suave. 

My review: 
It works GREAT!!! It Could remove grease even from the oiliest of hair. It did have a rather STRONG odor. I don't really like too many perfumey, smelly things so it might bug Me a little but I also noticed the smell faded pretty quickly. It only smelled strong at first application. 
Overall, I think it really works. I used it on day 2 or 3 of no wash and my hair fluffed right up and looked like I have just washed it. It feels a little different than if you had just washed it but hey it can't be perfect.
Bottom line, it works, it smells kinds strong but I think I like it.

 I might try another brand later! 


When I am not pregnant I am like the healthiest person on the planet! 
I run 40 miles a week and NEVER (never say never..but) eat sugar or carbs but hey when I'm 8 months pregnant I'm gonna take this opportunity than you very much!!!! 

I was not sorry about my decision!
Yesterday I got an afternoon with girl friends!!!! I have a whole post on that coming up!!!! 


I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I am now going to either keep crafting like a maniac or start cleaning like the Tasmanian devil! 

See you tomorrow!!!!! 

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Marina D said...

All fabulous! You look great and I'm so glad you got to have a girls afternoon. We all need those sometimes!

Your winter kiddos are adorable and I am DYING over that chocolate malt. Possibly my favorite food ever.

Robyn Burke said...

YAY for weekends and getting things done and for girl friend time. I had a productive weekend too and feel like the doldrums are being kicked big time!! so yay for me too!! hugs Hanna, you look adorable!!

~julee~ said...

Love those leggings! Glad you had a great weekend!

Susan said...

Your kiddos are too cute for words!!! eeek.

Jamie Campbell said...

mmmmm Sonic! We have a few about an hour south of me... it'd be DANGEROUS if they were closer! Your kiddos are so cute. Glad you had a great weekend. Home stretch... then you'll be running soon! :o)

Dara said...

40 miles a week? wow!

SemiCleanSlate...In Progress said...

So happy to hear you got some girl time.I know it is something you have stated that you missed.

Melissa said...

The party plans sound awesome!

Your kids photos are so adorable!
Your little boy looks cute in his hat!
and the chocolate malt looks so yummy!


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